Taobao product recommendation – noodle maker

We consume quite a bit of noodles at home, and it has always been my wish to make my own noodles. I’m sure you will agree with me that noodles is more versatile and interesting than rice. Just pair it with soup or sauce, and it can be a satisfying meal.

The manual methods to make noodles, like the hand crank type, doesn’t cut it for me. Too tedious. For home use, the extruder type automatic noodle maker is the only logical choice. As usual, i did my sourcing from Taobao. Yes, the Philips pasta maker may be popular, but costing 3 times more? No way. Continue reading Taobao product recommendation – noodle maker

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Taobao parcel forwarder review – DPEX

My default Taobao parcel forwarder is ZTO-DPEX. I used to know how to change the default forwarder but I cannot locate the place to change it currently. If you know how to do so please enlighten me by leaving a comment! By the way, the shipping fee for ZTO is the same as for Dex-i (the lowest rates): 26 Yuan for the first kg and 9 Yuan for each subsequent 0.5kg. Somehow Taobao doesn’t bother to update their website to reflect the new pricing. Another observation is that the shipping weight may be rounded down, which is advantageous to consumers. My parcels weigh a total of 3.78kg, but i was only charged the shipping fee for 3.5kg (89 Yuan or S$18.30). I wouldn’t say it is cheap, but it is fair enough. Continue reading Taobao parcel forwarder review – DPEX

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Getting a refund from Lazada

Time passes quickly, and what do you know, the last purchase i made on Lazada was two years ago! Somehow, Qoo10 became my go-to shopping platform. I think their coupons, gaming style lucky draw and attendance-based rewards program worked. So, you might ask, what drew me to Lazada this time round? It’s because the item i was looking for wasn’t offered on Qoo10 anymore.

I was going to buy a licensed copy of Microsoft Office 2016 (not for my own use). Now, there is a way to buy this on the cheap – by getting hold of a volume license. Volume licenses are intended for business use, and, for this reason, they can be pretty cheap per license, as they are sold in bundles of 5 or more. A lot of these licenses end up being sold to home users who want to get it for cheap. This sounds a bit shady, which is why sellers who sell them on Qoo10 and Lazada are evasive.

Coming back to the topic of getting a refund from Lazada, well, there was a problem with the Office 2016 license i purchased on Lazada. I sent email to the seller, did not get a response, so i initiated the refund request. Now, any legitimate e-commerce platform has to have a proper refund process in place, and Lazada aces it in this respect. The refund process is well-documented. The return shipping is FREE – either by pick-up or drop-off at a Post Office or Singpost POPStation. There are updates at each stage of the process – email for selection of pick-up schedule, email receipt acknowledgement of returned item, SMS regarding the initiation of the refund and finally, email notification of successful processing of the refund.

Successful refund

I guess those who want to buy Taobao products but are afraid of the risk of receiving broken items can go the Lazada route, given the return policy and program that is in place. Plus, you can also collect cashback from Shopback for Lazada purchases.

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Taobao product recommendation – curtains

Back in 2007, i had the curtains for my new home done for a princely sum of S$1800. This included 4 sets of curtains, 2 sets of organza curtains, plus two small roman blinds. It may have included the installation of the curtain track as well, so, actually, it was quite a fair price by today’s standard. If i were to calculate a rough pricing per set of curtains, it would be around $200 – $250. How does that compare with Taobao’s pricing? Continue reading Taobao product recommendation – curtains

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Raining cats and dogs in Hat Yai

This was the first trip ever I had to change my itinerary due to adverse weather. It slipped my mind that when we went to Krabi last year, we heard news about flooding in southern Thailand. The weather in Krabi was really good, while on the eastern coast, the monsoon wreaked havoc. History repeated itself this year.

My plan was to drive to Koh Samui from Hat Yai. Hat Yai is too boring for 4 nights, and there isn’t much to see around the region as well. The coastal route would take me from Nakhon si Thammarat to Donsak pier in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, i had to turn back as the road was closed due to flooding.


Continue reading Raining cats and dogs in Hat Yai

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North-South highway lunch stop – Bukit Gambir

Bukit Gambir is under 2 hours from KL and 1.5 hours from JB, so it could work as a lunch stop from either direction. It is a sizeable town, comparable to Yong Peng, and offers quite a few dining options during lunch time. It is very near Panchor, and easily accessible from the Toll booth.

I Googled and found a restaurant that has unfortunately already shut down, but just behind to it, there is a Tze Char restaurant that probably has been operating for a long time – Bee Hiong Guan. It is housed in a purpose-built building, and the high ceiling made it feel breezy and airy. It is very clean too. Continue reading North-South highway lunch stop – Bukit Gambir

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Taobao parcel forwarder review – Road Bull

My latest Taobao consolidate and shipping delivery via ZTO was just completed, and this time the local delivery was handled by Road Bull.

The interesting thing is, the delivery was done while I was overseas. A photo was provided as proof of delivery (featured image above). Continue reading Taobao parcel forwarder review – Road Bull

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Taobao product recommendation – aircond catechin filter

Everyone in this part of the world uses the aircond daily, but I doubt anyone knows what a catechin filter is. It is the little piece of mesh tucked inside a corner of your aircond fan coil unit just in front of the fins. OK, i think most people don’t know what the fan coil unit nor the fin is. Anyway, pictorially it looks like the white piece of fabric (often times it is green instead) in the featured photo above, and you see it when you open up the front panel of your aircond fan coil unit. Continue reading Taobao product recommendation – aircond catechin filter

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Taobao product recommendation – Furniture

When doing home renovation, besides LED lighting and bathroom fittings, furniture is the third category of goods which you stand to save lots of money if you sourced from Taobao. When it comes to furniture, i think most people will have doubts about buying from Taobao.

Can the furniture be shipped economically?

Yes, the furniture generally come packed as compact as possible. The sea freight shipping rate of S$90 per cubic meter (86of) is quite affordable. More often than not, the GST (compulsory for sea freight even if goods cost less than $400) will cost more than the shipping, but that just means you’re shipping a worthwhile amount of goods. Continue reading Taobao product recommendation – Furniture

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Taobao parcel forwarder review – Ninja Van

It’s been more than a year since i last used Taobao consolidated shipping. The singles day promotion looked tempting, and i gave it a try again. There was a 13 Yuan discount, which halved the first kg cost. At just 13 Yuan (S$2.70) for a 1kg shipment, i felt it would be a waste not to take advantage of it. The singles day promotion for the items i was eyeing were quite attractive too. Continue reading Taobao parcel forwarder review – Ninja Van

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