READ THIS! Important tip on ezbuy (65daigou) sea freight shipment

All along, i assumed that sea freight shipment is the cheapest way to ship your Taobao stuff from China. If you’re shipping one cubic metre (usually with allowance of up to 500kg) of stuff, that is confirmed the case. If you are using 65daigou however, it may not be the case. The shipping rate for under 30kg (volumetric weight) of goods is $1.30 per 500g, whereas the shipping rate for economy air is only S1.69 per 500g. The difference is only $0.39! That’s not all, i just found out that for sea freight, 7% GST will be applied for ALL parcels ON TOP OF THE SHIPPING FEE (i.e. 65daigou’s shipping fee is included in the calculation of GST), which means that most likely you will end up paying more, for slower shipping!

Without checking the bill carefully, i went ahead and shipped sea freight, and only realized something didn’t seem right after making the payment. I paid $33 to ship $56 worth of goods.. gotta consider more carefully next time. Anyway, i made an enquiry and got the following response.

Dear customer,

For Ship-for-me service: 7% GST applies for all sea/sensitive sea shipment orders. For air shipment orders, 7% applies if the parcel’s total amount of declared value, shipping fee and insurance is more than S$400. GST will be shown and collected when submitting a parcel to ship.Hope it explains, thanks.

So, the moral of the story: it is probably never worthwhile shipping via sea freight on 65daigou unless the weight (keep in mind that it is volumetric weight) of your goods is more than 30kg.

Also, come to think of it, i should have shipped via Taobao’s consolidated shipment, since my parcel included 2 pillows which are bulky but not heavy, and Taobao’s consolidated shipment goes by actual weight which would have been more worthwhile. Duh!

Anyway, for ease of comparison and calculation, here’s a table that shows you the total value of goods below which it will be worthwhile to ship by sea freight. As you can see, when the goods are under 10kg, it is very unlikely that sea freight will be worthwhile.

In general, if your items are light and bulky (provided it does not exceed the maximum allowed dimensions), ship via Taobao’s consolidated shipment. If your items are heavy and cheap and bulky (which contributes to the volumetric weight), ship via 65daigou’s sea freight. Otherwise, ship via 65daigou’s economy air.

Weight (kg)How much more the shipping cost for economy air is than sea freightTotal value of goods below which GST applied will be less than the savings from choosing sea freight (i.e. sea freight will be worthwhile if goods total cost is below this value)
3047.40GST will be applicable for economy air also
3555.30GST will be applicable for economy air also

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Update 7 Jan 2017

Received this email today:

So, no more sea freight. If you need to ship bulky stuff, you shouldn’t be using ezbuy anyway. Use 86OF. See my review here.

Update 26 Mar 2017

Apparently, Sgshop was acquired by ezbuy, and they offer sea freight shipment. I suppose their business volume is low enough for them to be able to handle sea freight on top of air freight. So, whatever I have discussed in the posting above applies to Sgshop. I suggest you try 86OF instead though.

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59 thoughts on “READ THIS! Important tip on ezbuy (65daigou) sea freight shipment”

  1. Yes. It’s my first time using 65Daigou recentlyand I did a thorough comparison between the shipping methods and realised it’s cheaper to use Economy Air! Do you know they are running a promotion for Buy-for-me at $1.69/500g via Economy Air, no agent fee till 06Mar16? I thought I’m quite lucky to grab this deal 😛

    1. I just use the Ship-for-me service since i prefer to handle all the buying myself. Sometimes there is a need to leave a comment regarding product options or communicate with the seller directly, and i feel safer doing this myself. The other advantage of doing Ship-for-me is paying exactly only the shipment fee rather than having to pre-pay an estimated amount, although your itchy finger is likely to do your next Taobao order very soon so you don’t exactly have money left inside the non-interest-bearing account for long 😉

        1. Hi Augustine, firstly you need to take note of the forwarding address assigned to you by ezbuy (it’s in one of the tabs when you click on ship-for-me). Next, when you do check out in taobao, you need to select to ship to your designated address, instead of the default choice which is global direct. I don’t remember exactly but I think you can add your delivery address in the next step immediately after you select this option. Just copy and paste the forwarding address from ezbuy and you’re done.

          1. Hello, do you get the forwarding address from ezbuy first, and then purchase your item when checkout just paste the forwarding address? How to notify ezbuy that you have purchase and for them to expect your order to make sure your order is confirmed and arrived?

          2. Hi liz, i presume you know where to see your forwarding address – it’s the first link under Ship-for-me in the left column of your account page. Details on using the ezbuy forwarding address:

            – When you check-out in Taobao, the first item on the page is “shipping information”, and this is where you enter the ezbuy forwarding address, by clicking on “更改收货地址”.
            – Click Ok to dismiss the pop-up box that appears (to confirm you understand that the final cost may change because you’re changing the shipping address).
            – Next, if you have never entered your ezbuy forwarding address before, click on “+使用新地址” to add the address into your taobao address book. Subsequently, it will already be there and you just need to click on the radio button to select to ship to ezbuy warehouse.
            – Select “中国大陆” -> “广东” -> “广州” -> “白云” -> “同德街道” (assuming you’re going via ezbuy’s Guangzhou warehouse”).
            – Copy 3rd item in ezbuy’s forwarding address page (full address which includes your ezbuy code) and paste into 详细地址。
            – Copy and paste 4th item 邮政编码
            – Copy and paste 1st item 收货人姓名
            – Copy and paste 5th item into 手机号码
            – Leave the last entry 电话号码 blank
            – Click 保存 to save

            Your newly entered ezbuy forwarding address will now be displayed under “Ship to” and you can select it as the shipping address. Next, you can complete your taobao purchase as per normal (similar to taobao consolidated shipping).

            To notify ezbuy about your purchase, select “Not arrived” under the Ship-for-me menu in the left column of your account page. Click “Submit New Order” and enter the details. The order number is the “订单号” that you see above each of your taobao order in “已买到的宝贝”. Product URL is the product details page (click on the blue arrow button to add the URL or URLs), but i believe it is ok to leave this out. In fact, it is ok if you don’t notify ezbuy about your purchase, so long as you have provided the correct shipping address to the seller (your ezbuy code – the last 5 characters in the address is VERY IMPORTANT). The seller need not be Taobao, you can buy anything from anyone in China and ship via ezbuy.

            When your parcel arrives, you will get an email notification.

            Gosh i’m helping ezbuy to write their website user manual for free!

  2. Hi there, the taobao consolidated shipping now charges volumetric weight already. Was charge 3x the actual weight price the other day for a bulky purchase! Such a painful buy gosh

    1. Hi Lucas, sorry to hear about that. I actually always suspected that the Taobao consolidated shipping doesn’t really go by actual weight. Somehow i always felt that it was actual weight plus a little bit more, but it was always still worthwhile. For my last shipment (20 March), it was still more or less actual weight. Not sure what happened in your case, but there’s nothing in their shipping information page that says it is based on volumetric weight. Or maybe there are some hidden clause about bulky items. Anyway, thanks for sending out the alert!

      1. If the volumetric weight is more than 3x the actual weight, the volumetric weight will be charged I think. That is what they say when I asked.

        1. Hi Deborah, I believe you’re referring to Taobao direct/consolidated shipping rather than ezbuy. Yes, you’re right, for Taobao direct/consolidated shipping, if the volumetric weight is more than 3 times the actual weight, you will be charged the volumetric weight, which is not worthwhile. This information is actually specified at this page (in Chinese):

  3. Hi, is the “Declared Value” based on the amount I paid for in Taobao (includes Taobao’s delivery)? Can I declare a lower value? I’m using the Ship-For-Me service by ezbuy.

    1. Hi Ivy, the domestic delivery fee can be excluded from the declared amount, since that value is already consumed before the parcel is shipped to Singapore. Legally speaking, you need to declare the actual value, but you can choose to declare any value you want, with the risk involved in mind. I always declare the actual value simply because it is the right thing to do.

  4. Hello! Do you have any idea if the ship-for-me function in ezbuy still has agent fee on top of the shipping fees?

    1. Hi Mabel, there is no agent fee for the ship-for-me service. You do the purchase yourself and just pay the shipping fee.

  5. i am trying to buy a Fitbit Blaze activity tracker watch from Taobao but cannot check out via Taobao shipping or consolidated shipping. Can ezbuy ‘ship for me” ship that for me.
    Do I need to pay any joining fee for having an account on ezbuy

    1. Hi Kok Keong, ezbuy’s buy-for-me service is what you are looking for. You need to sign up an account. I have not used buy-for-me before so I’m not exactly sure of the details, but generally it should work like this: submit the product link of the item you want to buy, top up your account with some cash and they will do the buying and shipping. There is an agent fee involved when using buy-for-me, where you have to pay an additional 8‰.

  6. Hi There! I just bought stuff at Ezbuy (65daigou). When I look at my account it shows that there are 7 items processing. And the subsequent stages of Ready to Ship and Shipment are currently nil. Does this already mean that once these 2 stages are completed, it will be delivered straight to Singapore?

    I have my delivery address updated in my account. But I don’t recall typing it when I made paymeny for my orders.

    Help please 🙁

    1. Hi Niza, first of all, RELAX! If there’s any problem with your shipment, your parcel won’t go missing and you can always visit ezbuy’s office to collect your parcel, at worst.

      To answer your first question, I have never bought any item on ezbuy (i always buy from Taobao website), but i’m presuming it should work more or less the same way. The “ready for shipment” stage means your parcel has arrived at the warehouse, and you need to select your preferred shipping method, so the delivery does not happen automatically. Since you are saying it is currently “nil”, then you need to monitor your email for the notification on the parcel arrival at the warehouse.

      I suppose you don’t need to enter your address every time you make payment. You probably have entered it before when you registered for the account and that should be good enough for you to get the delivery.

  7. Whao. I’ve always been wondering about the shipping costs because my shipping always ended up highly significant as compared to the actual cost of the goods. You’re awesome for drafting out a comparison! Just before I placed my order. haha! thx yo! I’ll keep a look out on your blog if you’ve got any more tips to share!

  8. Hello Yen Kai, I stumbled upon your post and really appreciate your tips & insights on both Ezbuy & Taobao. I’m a frequent user of Ezbuy’s Ship-4-Me service for non-bulky items, but have yet to venture into purchasing bulky items for fear of exorbitant shipping charges as I’m unsure how to calculate volumetric weight. Recently I am looking to purchase a 29″ luggage (est 77/49/29″). Can you advise if it’s wiser just to ship via economy air or otherwise? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lexie, glad you found my postings useful. For the luggage you’re intending to buy, it doesn’t satisfy the size limit for Taobao direct/consolidated shipping, so you can only ship via third party, of which ezbuy is but one of the choices available. The other sensible choice is to go for one of those forwarders who do cubic metre (i.e. one cubic metre of volume and up to 500kg) sea freight. Obviously, you don’t need this much volume nor weight. There is one forwarder that allows you to ship as little as 0.1 cubic metre of goods, which is still a lot (a rice cooker is about 0.02 cubic metre), so maybe you can try buying a few bulky items to ship together. The shipping fee is very attractive. I have yet to try them out, so i can’t comment on their service yet, but i am going to do so very soon. Here is the link to the website.

    1. Hi Aile, it depends on the shipping mode you chose. By air, it will take about a week, by sea, up to 3 weeks. Anyway, the estimated date of arrival (ETA Date) is indicated in the My Parcel page.

  9. Hello, i just stumbled on ur post when i was looking for information on taobao shipping. I’m looking at shipping some lamps for my new house from taobao and i’m not sure which method of delivery is the most cost effective. Would u be able to advise? The lamp with packing is about 4kg, the dimensions of the packaging is 58 x 58 x 37cm. Based on the dimensions, do u think 4px or ezbuy is cheaper?

    1. Hi Karine, unfortunately the dimensions don’t qualify for shipping via 4px. For ezbuy, the chargeable volumetric weight is about 22.8kg, which translates to $55 of shipping fee, plus GST.

      ezbuy is very expensive for bulky items. I recommend shipping via a real sea freight shipment, whereby the shipping rates are charged by per cubic metre (CBM). I have just tried a new parcel forwarder 86of but have not completed the entire shipping process, so I have not written a review of them yet. Anyway based on the experience thus far, they are very responsive, and I feel confident about them. The chargeable shipping weight for your item is 0.125 CBM, and the shipping rate will definitely be less than S$23. You will have to self collect from their warehouse though, otherwise the home delivery will cost you another $20. Anyway, this is still better than ezbuy whereby the $55 you pay doesn’t yet include home delivery.

      1. I like to ship furniture n bulky stuff. And i find usinf Ezybuy is taking up for 2.5 mths to purchase n send to my doorstep. This is a bit ridiculous and they are over selling their marketing.. even they have high turn over rate to manage new orders. I do not know the rest has faced the same like me.. i dun even know my christmas gift for friends will arrived on time.

        1. I think for year end, where you have 11.11 and 12.12 promotions and everyone is buying gifts for Christmas, you’ll face the same problem of long waiting time to receive the delivery with any parcel forwarder. I would suggest checking out, a parcel forwarder like ezbuy, except they’re cheaper. I will post a review once I receive my first shipment within a week or two.

          They market goods similarly to ezbuy through these websites and These are entirely in Chinese though, and their account management portal is in broken English, doesn’t look as polished as ezbuy, but hey, they’re cheap, and you can ship many bulky goods for a very low price. Sign up here and give them a go.

  10. Hi may I ask what does ‘shipping to destination’ means? Is it delivering to the address or its delivering to the warehouse?

  11. Hi yenkai,

    I would like to ask you about the ezbuy shipforme options.

    Should I choose ezbuy’s shipforme, would the delivery from the taobao seller’s warehouse to the address provided by ezbuy’s shipforme be expensive??

    Would be cheaper according to your opinion?? The consolidation option from TAOBAO or going through the hassle of using a EZBUY shipforme?

    P.s I like to shop for bags, clothes and accessories so… I won’t consider them to be bulky?:/

    1. Hi Cherrie. Usually the domestic delivery rates are either free or up to 10 Yuan, so to me the fee is considered negligible.

      Hard to say which is better especially when you ship a few items together. Bags could be bulky while clothes and accessories probably not. If you’re shipping really small items like phone casing, ezbuy ship for me is probably cheaper.

      I would suggest trying both ways, then you’ll find out which is better for your case. Ezbuy is not much hassle as you imagine. Another consideration is whether you need delivery to your home. I actually prefer to pickup from the warehouse, because I can do it at my convenience, rather than worrying I will miss the delivery.

    1. Hi Celest, for shipping via economy air, it will be S$3.38. Via sea shipment, it will be S$2.60, plus GST for the goods. Definitely not worthwhile shipping via sea. If you’re quoting the weight from the Taobao product page or seller, then the chargeable weight is likely to be higher since ezbuy charges by volumetric weight.

  12. Be warned! Check on the discount TB agent offer. Most of the time, ezbuy would tell there is no discount voucher and they will automatically keep all these ¥3, 5 given….Remember, small Amt to u but people do get rich over 1 cents saving! I just don’t like the dishonesty!!! I once bought 2 items of ¥598 which is entitled to claiming of ¥50 voucher. I never got to that!!!

    Remember when they don’t pass u the savings, u will end up paying more on the exchange rate markups and the agent commission. It’s difference of ¥112.31 (based on every ¥100) that you lost or could have saved….

  13. Hi,
    I need some help here!! I’ve been buying clothes and makeup items using 65daigo. For makeup items,i can only chose sensitive sea because economy air does not allow for this. But just today,two of my makeup items which are blushers with a total of 44g(actual weight without the packaging all this) is ready to ship.The chargeable weight they gave was 1.05kg?????? And it cost $11.07 for it. Is it they count wrongly? I did asked them about this matter then the person replied back”​G21723264287 For this item volumetric weight is 0.75kg.” I think its better if you could help me instead! I honestly don’t think the blusher’s volumetric weight can be so ridiculous.They are just Tonymoly crystal blusher and Abbamart blusher,apparently they are not bulk items.Please help!!!!!

    1. Hi Adelyn, there is the option to ask for a photo to be taken (may incur additional cost), but I’m not sure if they will allow it at this point. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t allow it. In any case, you still have the chance to complain when you receive the item and the volumetric weight really does not tally with what you were charged, so probably just ship it first.

  14. Hi Yenkai
    I really wish to seek your advice on this. I’m looking to ship a mini microwave from Tmall, there is the SGBUY button there so I just went ahead. However I was being notified by the stuff that it cant be shipped to Sg because of regulations. Really meh? I thought so many ppl shipped electronics. I really need this mini microwave(which can be hanged up) because my kitchen is too small.

    I tried googling but cant have any definite answer. If you know, please let me know.

    And I wonder, is it all electronic stuff should go by sensitive air or sea shipment? I read about the GST already. This microwave’s weight is about 9kg, it’s dimesions is 32x42x22cm=29,568, and it’s listed price is around S$145.

    Assuming if it can be shipped to Sg, what advice you can give me regarding the shipping? Thanks so much!!!

    1. Sigh…I just checked…indeed microwaves cant be shipped to Sg….
      But still thanks for all your entries. They’re very enlightening. =)

      1. Thanks for dropping by. Indeed, I didn’t know a microwave oven cannot be shipped too, and I just come to know that about the website that gives you the full list of items barred from entry.

        Just FYI, if you’re going to ship any bulky item, it’s probably better to ship via the per cubic metre type sea freight shipment. You can refer to this review for more information.

  15. Hi, if I have 3 orders that reached my address for ship-for-me, can I combine them to ship out together? Will it be cost savings and cheaper to ship out together or individually? I supposed they will look at the 3 total declared value to decide if GST is chargeable.

    1. Hi Lyn, the answer to your question requires some math formulation, and i don’t think i will answer it completely.

      ezbuy charges a flat rate shipping fee for every 0.5kg (S$1.69 for economy air). This means that if you have any item weighing less than 0.5kg, you will save by shipping the items together. If you have items weighing more than 0.5kg, then whether it is cheaper to ship together depends on the remainder value when you divide the weight by 0.5kg, e.g. the remainder value of an item weighing 0.6kg is 0.1kg, and whether it is cheaper to ship together depends on how you combine this remainder 0.1kg with other items. Hope you get the idea.

      GST is chargeable when the declared value of the items PLUS THE SHIPPING FEE exceeds S$400. If shipping the items together results in GST being incurred, then definitely ship them separately to avoid paying GST.

    1. Hi Shirl, the item is very small and light, and I’m almost certain that it is less than 0.5kg in volumetric weight. So the shipping fee will be $3.99. There is no other cost.

      By the way, I have bought an Armorsuit MilitaryShield screen protector for a tablet before and I love it! The surface will feel slightly uneven but it presents no problem to touch and viewing.

  16. I totally agree. I used to buy from Taobao China and ship through ezbuy (by AIR), thinking it’ll be cheaper. But, when you copy the link from Taobao China and paste it onto ezbuy (SG), the exchange rate from RMB to SGD is already scary! Ezbuy has already earn a ton of money from this HIGH exchange rates. Then it’s the shipping charge and the agent fee…wow. Nowadays, I ship directly via Taobao China and it’s so much cheaper. You just pay ONE charge, ONCE, and Taobao ships directly to your doorstep.

    1. Hi Eden, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I guess everyone will have their own preferred way of buying and shipping Taobao goods. Certainly agree with you that there’s absolutely no need to have an agent do the purchase for you, unless language is a problem. I personally prefer to self collect from a warehouse than having to wait at home for the failure prone delivery. Anyway, it’s good that you were daring enough to experiment with different ways of shipping.

    1. Hi KPLIM, i believe you need an Alipay account. When i click submit to pay, i am redirected to the Alipay payment page, but i am already automatically logged into my Alipay account, so i’m not sure what happens if you don’t have an Alipay account. Or it is possible that an Alipay account is automatically created for you already. Sorry, can’t answer you definitely on this one.

      Actually, i have not made payment through Alipay for a long time, because i have friends in China who make payment on my behalf. On the other hand, i buy stuff for them, so we barter trade. This is the cheapest way to buy Taobao stuff, because you avoid paying credit card transaction fees, and the currency exchange rate is the most favourable this way. I’ve always thought this would be a viable business idea.. too complicated to execute though.

  17. Hi YenKai
    I have my parcel status on ‘shipping to destination’ to close to 2 days. Is this normal for it to take a longer time?

    1. Hi Kae, I think it’s normal. It is stated on ezbuy’s website that it takes 2 to 3 working days for the parcel to be shipped, so I suppose it is still within the stated timeframe. The ETA should give you an idea when the parcel will arrive.

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