Taobao Global Direct Shipping review

This is my maiden attempt at using Taobao Global Direct Shipping. Yes, it’s almost just for the sake of trying out Global Direct Shipping that i did it, and with this, i have tried all modes of shipping goods from Taobao, namely, Global Direct Shipping, Global Consolidate and Shipping as well as third party (including cubic metre sea freight).

The shipping was truly fuss free – check out on Taobao and you’re done. It took only 8 days from the day i placed the order (with 3 different sellers) to the day i received the goods. The actual international shipping and customs clearance took 5 days.

The shipping fee came up to RMB 58 (S$12), including RMB 8 (S$1.63) for domestic shipment – i don’t know why i had to pay this on top of the shipping-inclusive prices at check-out on Taobao.

The parcel that arrived weighed 1.3kg, with dimensions 24cm x 36cm x 5cm. The volumetric weight would have been 0.72kg, using ezbuy’s formula. This means i would have been charged 1.3 X 1.1 = 1.43kg (additional 10% applied on volumetric/actual weight) if i shipped via ezbuy, which would have cost me only S$5.07 before coupon code discount.

If i shipped via Global Consolidate and Shipping, it would have cost me RMB 37 – 55 (S$7.70 – 11.40), which isn’t a lot cheaper.

I guess the bottom line is, Taobao Global Direct Shipping is likely to cost you more than double compared to using a third party service. Nevertheless, don’t just write Global Direct off. Maybe, just maybe, it can be cheaper once in a blue moon.

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