Review of 86OF – Ocean freight to Singapore for Taobao and China goods

I don’t know what is it is with the Chinese, that they love to use numbers in their branding. Ezbuy was 65daigou previously, and they had to undertake a labourious re-branding exercize. Now we have 86OF, also a parcel forwarding company. In case you’re interested, here are some articles that explain why the Chinese love to use numbers in their URLs and branding.

Moving on to 86OF, i’ve been wanting to give them a go, and i finally did. The main attraction is the price. Typically, ocean freight shipment requires that you take up at least 1 cubic metre (CBM) of volume each time, which is hard to achieve for retail consumers, unless a few people pool together to do the shipping. Enter 86OF. They let you ship a minimum of 0.1 CBM, which is a lot easier to attain for retail customers. 0.1 CBM of volume is roughly equivalent to 5 rice cookers. The price for shipping 0.1 CBM is S$11.50, which is a lot cheaper than what it will cost if you used ezbuy (it will cost you S$120 and ezbuy no longer does sea freight). Update: price for 0.1 CBM is now increased to S$13, still cheap.

There is a limit as to how many separate parcels you can consolidate at a time. Every parcel will be counted as taking up a minimum of 0.01 CBM regardless of its actual size. This means you can consolidate up to 10 parcels each time when you ship 0.1 CBM.

Take note also that shipping via ocean freight means GST will be incurred always, but you will probably save from the lower shipping fee despite paying GST anyway.

If you ship 0.5 CBM or more of goods (S$54), you get free home delivery, which is a very good deal. It is a no-brainer to ship all your bulky goods through 86OF, including furniture and such.

My very first shipment through 86OF worked pretty well, and these are the plus points:

  • Instant SMS notification (update: may not be instant) for every parcel that arrives at the warehouse in China
  • Shipment to Singapore took place within 2 days after submission to ship
  • Arrival in Singapore was 14 days from date of submission to ship, as promised
  • Friendly and responsive customer service

Here are things that are not so impressive:

  • Broken English in their communication
  • Website not as intuitive (as compared to Ezbuy)
  • I’m not sure what went wrong but the status was stuck in “Arrived in Singapore (到达新加坡)” for quite a few days. When i called to check, i was told my goods were ready for collection. I suspect they might have forgotten to update the status. Anyway, i think this was probably a one-off event, but i do worry about their ability to scale when they get more business.
I received this message after i have already collected my goods. They most likely forgot to update the status of my goods as and when it was ready for collection.
The office where you do collection. The sign is so small you’ll likely miss it. There is a ramp leading up to level 3 where they are located. You will have to pay a minimum of SS0.65 for parking.
S$11.50 for all these goods, and i did not fully utilize 0.1 CBM

For the low price and reliability demonstrated, I highly recommend 86OF. You should definitely sign up right now! Here are the sign up links for the various self-collection points – Ang Mo KioClementi and Woodlands.

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7 thoughts on “Review of 86OF – Ocean freight to Singapore for Taobao and China goods”

  1. Hi Yen Kai, it’s my first time buying from taobao and I have been reading up on the shipping options and how to calculate shipping charges for the different options. Came across your posts and they have been really helpful, thanks! But being a rookie, I’m honestly still rather confused by the wealth of information out there. Would you advise using 860F ocean freight or a parcel forwarder like px4 for the following items?
    1) 1.5m aluminium portable table 150*60*75cm
    – after folding it’s 75*60cm but no mention of height
    – seller site says 包装体积: 0.03 (I suppose it means 0.03CBM)?
    2) Portable aluminium laptop table 71*48*30cm
    – it is not clear the dimensions after folding, but I suppose 71*48*5cm? The table can’t be folded in half, only the legs can be tucked to the back of table.
    – seller site says 包装体积: 0.1
    3) PVC leather tote bag 29*22*12cm x 2pcs
    4) Foldable travel bag of light fabric 50*40*25cm

    1. Hi Ming, I would definitely recommend 86OF in your case. Item 1 is bulky and will cost you a bomb if shipped any way other than the cubic metre type sea freight.

      The way to calculate the CBM is to convert the measurements into metre and do the multiplication. Since 0.75 X 0.60 = 0.45, assuming the final parcel volume of 0.03 CBM mentioned by seller is accurate, the height would be 0.03 / 0.45 = 0.67 metre in height, which is not unreasonable. There is likely some protective material used in the packing which would mean higher length and width than the dimensions of the table itself.

      The parcel volume of 0.1 quoted by seller for item 2 is definitely unreasonable and likely inaccurate. Going by your estimated dimensions, it would be 0.017 CBM.

      If you take 0.03 and 0.02 as the parcel volume for items 1 and 2, you still have lots of allowance to ship under the minimum shipment of 0.1 CBM with 86OF, and it will cost you only S$11.50 if you do self collection. In fact, I’m pretty sure you can ship all these items (1 to 4) for S$11.50.

      1. Thanks a ton Yen Kai! So glad I asked you for advice! I have registered with 86OF and am slowly deciphering their instructions now (great opportunity to polish up my rusty Chinese haha). Hope I get all the steps right and have the items successfully delivered to SG 🙂

  2. This is my first time use it. I have some questions to ask the customer service. The staff whoes family name is Guo is super rude. It is a very bad experience for me. After that I ask my friend about this company. she said the company lost her goods and drag very long time to pay her back. she can not communicate well with them. because all the staffs there are unfriendly. it is a nightmare to her. We are not going to use it anymore. my first time and last time.

    1. Hi Emily, sorry to hear about your experience. I hope I don’t encounter the same. I do have a second shipment with them and will report on how it goes.

      I think the language barrier is a problem. I’m not sure if I contacted the same person, but I received instant reply and resolution both times. I communicated in Chinese. I guess they need to employ someone who has a good command of English, but then they also need to keep costs down so we can enjoy low shipping fees.

      Thanks for sharing with us your experience. It serves as a good reference for others to consider whether to peruse 86OF’s service.

  3. Hello, I am currently using oops.. do u think thiis 86OF is better than oops? I have a 0.77 CBM shipment with them and paid $118SGD. Processing time is the thing that is pissing me off. I submitted my order on Satuday and today is Tuesday and they have yet to ship it out.

    1. Hi RT, I have no idea about oops. I have just done my second shipping with 86of and they shipped my stuff the next day after I submitted to ship, so I’m quite happy with that. More importantly, I paid $31 for 0.24 CBM of goods, so that seems cheaper than oops. In fact, the higher the CBM, the cheaper it gets. A full CBM costs $90 with free delivery thrown in.

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