Deciphering 86OF’s website

Owing to Ming’s comments about having to decipher 86OF’s website, I felt I could help some readers out there who may be confused 86OF’s workflow and website. As of now, 86OF’s website is still a mix of English and Chinese, and the terminology they have adopted can be incomprehensible to even novice users of ezbuy.

Customer service and business development contact numbers listed on the website in Chinese

All parcel forwarders work more or less the same way, and 86OF is no different. First, you sign up an account to get a shipping address from the parcel forwarder that contains a specific code to identify you. Next, you can proceed to do your purchase and have your goods sent to 86OF’s warehouse, using the shipping address you have obtained. The address is stated in the member centre home page, under the Warehouse tab.

In case you’re wondering, 510430 is the postal code of the warehouse

To notify 86OF about your impending goods delivery to their warehouse, you submit a “Forecast” entry. This is equivalent to submitting a new order under “Not Arrived” in ezbuy. Unlike ezbuy whereby you need only to enter your Taobao purchase order number, you have to enter the details of the domestic courier company (“Express”) and tracking number (“No”) for your shipment. The “交易单号” is the Taobao order number, and this is apparently an optional entry.

You need to list the items included in your parcel/order. Just copy and paste the Chinese product description into the “Item” column. The price column is a bit confusing – since you’re asked to indicate the quantity, should you enter the unit price or total price? What i resort to doing is to always enter the total price and 1 as the quantity.

To add on additional items into the items list, click on “Add item” next to the description “Please fill item”. Totally non-intuitive.

For the warehouse selection, unless you’re shipping furniture or equivalent voluminous items, 广州仓 is the de facto option for most people who are buying the usual stuff.

In case you forgot to submit a forecast entry, you’ll need to perform a “claim parcel” when your parcel has arrived at the warehouse (you’ll know by looking at the tracking 物流 information provided in Taobao).

Claim parcel

When you have selected the courier company and entered the tracking number, you need to hit enter to bring up the parcel record. There is no instruction given that tells you to do this. Anyway, once the parcel record is shown, you will need to list the items in the parcel in the same way you as for submitting a forecast entry.

For every parcel that arrives at the warehouse, you will receive an SMS notification (may be delayed by a few days). Once all the parcels have arrived, you can submit to ship the parcels from “parcels list”, but before you can submit, you need to top up your account with sufficient funds to pay for the shipping.

The internet banking transaction number is called “MY ID”, how intuitive is that?

Thereafter, the shipment will be listed in “shipping/Shipped”. You should get an SMS when the shipment is ready for collection, but as I’ve found out, it is possible that they don’t do so in a timely manner. You can always enquire with the customer service should there be any delay. Just quote the 4 digits shipment number “运输号” to reference your shipment.

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