86OF second review

I have just collected my second round of shipment through 86OF parcel forwarding, and generally speaking, you could say it turned out just fine.

My bounty this time, amounting to 0.24 CBM

Here are some details of note during the course of engagement with 86OF for the shipment.

The Good

Customer service is prompt. They actually use WhatsApp, which facilitates clear communication, especially when you have to get across long strings of numbers. I communicated in Chinese, but I suppose simple English would be OK too.

Parcel arrival at the warehouse gets updated into the account at lightning speed. When I saw the logistics (物流) status in Taobao showing that the parcel has been delivered, I went into 86of website to check, and it’s already there. I did receive an SMS notification as well within a few hours. Also, the internet banking transfer for topping up funds was also updated into my account within half an hour. After submitting for shipping, my parcel was shipped the very next day. The response time is really impressive.

The date of arrival in Singapore was initially 10 Mar 2017, but it was later changed to 12 Mar 2017. It’s a good thing that they bother to update this information to keep customers informed.

When collecting my parcels, the staff did a match for each item in my shipment list. I suppose they must have run into the problem of customer complaint of missing items. Definitely a good and necessary protocol to ensure everything is OK at the point of collection.

I’m also happy with the way they tape the smaller parcels together. It is securely fastened, and there’s no way they can come apart, so it’s unlikely that they will go missing. It’s not as professional as how ezbuy does it, but it’s good enough.

The Bad

After submitting my forecast for a few parcels, upon receipt of the parcels at the warehouse, i tried checking the status, but i can find no trace of my parcels under “All forecast” nor “parcels List”. The only way i could confirm that the system has a record of my parcel forecast was by attempting to submit the forecast again, whereby I was told the record already exists. This was quite terrible, leaving customers in a lurch.

I contacted customer service and was told the records have gone missing due to a system upgrade. Actually, although there was a lapse in their handling of customer data, i kind of appreciate the honesty in the reply. I was told to perform a “claim parcel” operation, and upon doing that, my parcels were reflected in the parcels list.

I think 86OF has a long way to go in improving their website, but i’m guessing they don’t have the resources to do so at the moment. In any case, ensuring reliability in the parcel forwarding should be the primary focus, and I’m still quite happy with the website as it is now, since it fulfills it’s intended functions just fine.

When my parcels arrived in SG, they went missing in the website, again. Prior to arrival, they were in the “Sended SG” status. When they actually arrived, the status wasn’t updated to “Arrived SG”.

It’s gone again

A quick check with the customer service through WhatsApp revealed that the parcels were ready for collection. Anyway, I’m not too bothered about the accuracy of the website, since customer service provides instant confirmation.


Happy customer I am. Unbeatable low shipping fees. Sign up now and try them out! If you’re new to 86OF, here are the sign up links for the various self-collection points (choose the one nearest to you) – Ang Mo KioClementiWoodlands, Hougang and Tampines.

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