Qoo10 product recommendation – Europe prepaid data SIM

Two years ago, I discovered that Three offerred probably the best prepaid data SIM for Europe, but it was only available to UK residents. There were just a few resellers on eBay back then. Well, it didn’t take long for some enterprising ones to bulk purchase the SIM cards for sale in Singapore. Now you can buy these cards on Qoo10, and they offer 1 to 10 GB of data for 30 days for an unbeatable price of $15.90 to $49.80.

If you buy the ‘B’ or ‘C’ cards, you can even share the data through WiFi hotspot. The ‘A’ cards are from Three whereas the ‘B’ cards are from EE (UK Telcos).

I got hold of the 6GB ‘B’ card for use on my upcoming one month trip to Europe when there was a $12 cart coupon for $60 order, so at 20% discount, the SIM card was only S$27.84. Even without the cart coupon (S$34.80), it’s still cheaper than M1’s data passport, which cost $52 for one month. My data allowance is only 3GB per month, so obviously, not a good deal.

If you are traveling to Europe in 2018, these SIM cards are a no-brainer choice (they expire by year end). iPhone users who are wary of swapping SIM cards may have to think twice though.

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