Review of Youtrip card

So i did my maiden test drive of the Youtrip card, and i’m happy to report that it works as advertised.

I used the card in a restaurant in Harbin, China. The exchange rate was 5.0239 vs 5.0361 actual, which is much closer than what you get with a credit card. You may be prompted to enter your card PIN, so make sure you remember your PIN! I noticed that the final amount charged actually gets amended a few days after the transaction date, but the difference is insignificant, so this does not present a problem.

Here’s an idea – if you run out of cash when overseas, you can top up your YouTrip card (with your credit card), and you can withdraw the foreign currency from an ATM. Of course, you can also withdraw cash using your bank card, but this may be a useful alternative. Might be safer too, without having expose your bank card. You can change the PIN within minutes from the YouTrip app, in case the card is lost or stolen.

I recommend getting the Youtrip card. Get $10 when you sign up through this link!

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