Taobao product recommendation – Coffee filter

My coffee sock became worn out and I looked for a replacement on Taobao. You could say the options are plentiful now because the Chinese are drinking coffee. Not kopi, but filtered coffee, and of course Espresso. Well, a coffee sock isn’t actually cheaper on Taobao than what you can get in Malaysia, where it sells for just RM2 (S$0.68), but I did find something interesting – a metallic filter, that could potentially last forever.

Replacement long overdue

At 37 Yuan (S$7.40), it is inexpensive. In fact, i have been looking to buy a filter that comes with a stand, and this one comes with various options – different sizes, colour and with or without detachable stand. The traditional coffee sock is cumbersome in that you always have to hold it.

Now I don’t have to hold the filter like I have to with the coffee sock

This filter actually works better than the coffee sock. It filters even the very fine sediments, and the resulting coffee is smoother, much like the ones you get in a kopitiam/hawker centre. The downside is the coffee may drip very slowly, depending on how fine your ground coffee is. You can speed things up a little by spooning away the sediments.

Fine coffee sediments caught by the filter

Overall, I’m very pleased with this purchase and recommend it whether you use it for the regular filtered coffee or kopi.

Comes in a nice box

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