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I bought a portable monitor not too long ago for use in conjunction with a Compute Stick or as a replacement monitor for my aging laptop (soon ten years old). Well, it was too bulky to be placed over my laptop monitor to become the replacement literally, and i had this brilliant idea of finding one that does.

As mentioned in my previous post, i never liked the built-in display of the laptop, being very low resolution (1366 X 768) and having very washed out colours. I used an external monitor almost all the time. If you’re wondering why i got a laptop, well, it’s for portability when i need it.

So, i need a portable monitor that’s light, slim and cheap, and such a product does exist presently. Taking advantage of a promotion, i snagged it at a discounted price of 641 Yuan (S$127), and that is almost S$40 cheaper than the previous portable monitor i bought. The package looks very enticing, because it comes with a protective sleeve and even a screen protector. It also supports USB-C display (works with selected phones) and throws in the cable in the package.

Packed inside a protective carton box. The product is obviously an OEM one, and the seller has to paste their branding sticker on the box. You will find quite a few sellers selling this monitor, and Kuaidu happens to be one of the highest sales volume one, and arguably the cheapest among them.
HDMI cable, USB-c to USB-C cable and a USB-A to USB-C power supply cable
The protective sleeve is already screwed on to the monitor, and there’s the huge screen protector that works the same as one for a phone

Anyway, it is quite light for what it is, but still not quite light enough for my laptop hinge to hold its weight – i need to add support behind the laptop cover. It doesn’t help that one of my laptop hinge is broken. You can see in the featured photo above that it fits on my laptop nicely, so my laptop display just got boosted from 13 to 15 inch, and the resolution up to Full HD. The USB power supply from the laptop USB outlet is actually sufficient to power the display, which is perfect – there is no need to use an extra power outlet nor to run cables. The bezels are slim and it looks quite pretty.

Now for the cons – display quality. The colour and contrast is lousy. Try as i may to adjust, the colour still looks washed out and lacklustre. What this means is, i can’t use apps that require colour accuracy – graphics editing, photos post processing and desktop publishing. Oh well, i suppose i can still use it for may other tasks. The backlight is also non-adjustable, and it is only just about bright enough. This is forgiveable i guess, since it runs only on the laptop USB power (which i suspect provides less power than a desktop). The contrast is poor – you lose brightness if you turn up the contrast. Nevertheless, text appear crisp and legible. The screen protector is too reflective and definitely affects the display quality quite a bit. I might just have to remove it some day.

Overall, if you’re looking for a cheap portable monitor for gaming or to watch movies, this one will suffice. If you’re particular about the display quality especially the colour accuracy, then you need to get something more expensive. This one may be a better option, or this one which was previously on my radar.

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