A first post again

It’s been a year and a half since my last post and here I am, writing a “first post” yet again. Truth be told i found no motivation to write nor to maintain the site. At the same time, two newborns kept me busy. Well, some inspiration finally came about and I decided to give a new thrust into making this blog take off once again.

A revamp to the look and feel of the blog is long overdue. Looking at the options available i finally decided on migrating to WordPress (from Drupal if you care). So there you have it, a new Content Management System and a new look and feel. Also, for the first time ever, i have posted my photo on the blog so that you can connect to the person behind what you’re reading. Content wise, this website was mainly driven by traffic on the topic of home loan rates, specifically the Swap Offer Rate (SOR). At the time when i started there was hardly any search result for SOR, so i took advantage of the opportunity to fill that void, and sure enough, traffic started coming in to this site. That was at a time when no one had started marketing home loan packages online (not counting ads posted on forums). Fast forward to the present, you’ll find a lot of competition online on home loans, so information on home loan rates are aplenty. Anyway, i’m hardly qualified to provide content on this topic, so there will be no more.

While we are on this topic, i’d like to make mention of a news report headline from this week: “Homeowners hit as SIBOR rises to highest in seven years”. What has been anticipated for some time finally came about. I myself received a notification from the bank regarding the rise in interest rate.


Further increases are probably in store. Alright, that was probably the last comment i will give on interest rates 😉

Moving forward, i will concentrate on talking about food, travel and spending, topics that should resonate with most people. I hope you will find the ideas i share useful. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!

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