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If you care about your child’s immune system, you will breastfeed your child for at least a year. From experience (contrasting my first and second child who received 7 months and 14 months of breast milk respectively), i can testify that breast milk does wonders to the child’s immunity to flu and viral infection. A breast pump makes breastfeeding much easier, and that certainly helps you persist longer with the chore of breastfeeding.

We went with the popular choice – Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack (also available in Tote Bag). Back then, this was sold in Singapore for S$639, which is quite a bit more than what it costs on Amazon (around S$270). Unfortunately Amazon isn’t a seller of this product, so you will have to pay for the shipment to Singapore, but you will still save heaps versus buying from the local distributors. You might be worried about the difference in voltage for appliances in the US (110V vs 230V here). Not to worry, you can get a compatible adapter from a shop in the basement of Sim Lim Tower for just S$15. If you worry about not having local warranty on this product, well, from experience i can say that the Medela Pump In Style is very reliable and i cannot imagine it will break down under normal circumstances.


Medela now has a Starter Set-Model for the Pump In Style Advanced, which i think is a very good deal, at US$135 (S$180). As pictured above, it is the bare minimum equipment for pumping breast milk. Since i travel every now and then, the standard package (backpack version, which includes a battery pack and a cooler bag) was actually more suited for me.

If you do get hold of a breast pump, you must also get a hands free breast pump bra. With this bra my wife would be able to fiddle with her phone while the pumping was in progress. I can’t imagine anyone having the patience to hold the pumps by hand!

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