Android Apps Mini Review 2


Along with those apps i have mentioned before, here are more which made it to my must have list:

Auto Mount – Automatically mount as USB Mass Storage your phone internal storage and SD card when you plug in the USB cable, no need to click the Mount button in notifications!

Car Mode – Toggle to speakerphone mode with a single click (works like a widget!)

APN Backup & Restore – Backup your APN settings to SD card, in case anything goes wrong when you update your firmware.

Startup Cleaner – Shows you all the User and System Apps that start running when you turn on your phone, allowing you to disable them from running. Also allows you to do App uninstallation. Note: Apps will still get launched on their own somehow so you still need a task killer to kill them off periodically.

Just Pictures – Currently my default image gallery viewer. Shows 6 thumbnails per page which is about just right. Also allows you to setup and browse your flickr, photobucket etc. photos, now that’s cool!

Camera 360/Camera Illusion – Either of these would give you nice photo enhancement effects, such as Lomo filter. The photos captured as-is from typical phone cameras usually “cannot make it” (at least it is so on the Galaxy S). With some effects applied, at least the photo would look fun.

One Click Lag Fix (Galaxy S only) – Probably the most important App for Galaxy S phone users. This App will give you a performance bump (just search for “1 click lag fix” and you should see many such reports). I applied the lag fix on my stock firmware (Singtel JF4) and i could say that it certainly does what it says. This posting gives fairly detailed information on what it actually does. It takes more than one click to apply the fix actually, but is easy enough. Some notes to help those who want to do so:

  1. Upon launching the App, you should Check Free Space to see if you have the 1GB space needed to continue with the fix. Next, you have to root your phone. You are then asked to turn off your phone and to turn on your phone in recovery mode.
  2. With your phone off, press the power + volume up + home buttons simultaneously to turn on your phone into recovery mode. Use the volume control to scroll down to “apply” and press the home button to select it.
  3. Turn on your phone again and hold your breath. It will take longer than usual for the phone to turn on, and it may even take more than one attempt to turn on your phone (at least it was so in my case). Be patient and don’t panic.
  4. Launch the One Click Lag Fix App again and Install EXT2 Tools, followed by the OneClickLagFix and you’re done!

Update: see recommendation for Froyo here

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