Android Apps Mini Review 3

AppBrain – Besides allowing you to sync your apps list so that you can re-install them in case you had to reset your phone back to factory settings, the most prominent feature is the app recommendation, which, frankly, is the source through which i discovered most of the apps i’m recommending in my mini app reviews. So go ahead, install AppBrain and browse the hot apps every now and then. The quality of the apps listed is way better than those listed in the default Google Market App (which i suspect may have been prioritized based on ad dollars from the App publishers).

No Lock – Removes the phone locking screen, so you don’t need to fumble to unlock the phone when there’s an incoming call. Or if you have the habit of taking frequent glances at your widget updates, you can avoid having to swipe the screen each time, which becomes annoying after a while. I’ve almost forgotten that there’s such a thing as a phone lock screen, except when i reboot the phone (doesn’t show again after being unlocked). Comes with a widget to toggle between lock and unlocked.

Cleaner – Widget to make the screen icons disappear so you can see your beautiful wallpaper. Obviously you’ve chosen a nice wallpaper which you may want to show to your friends from time to time. Show it to them in its full glory with this app.

SeePU – Keeps you informed on the CPU and memory utilization status on a small icon in the notification bar, updated every 2 seconds under the default setting. Lets you know that you should expect the phone to be laggy if the CPU utilization is high, or whether you should kill some apps if the memory is running low.

TuneIn Radio – Listen to Internet Radio stations (though it also supports podcasts, IMO Stitcher still works better). Has the ability to find local radio stations, which is pretty cool.

Relax and Sleep – Combine relaxing sounds of the ocean, rain, cricket etc. to help you to fall asleep on those sleepless nights. It works!

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