Best North-South Highway pit stop – Yong Peng

It almost seems unfair that the North-South highway is built right next to Yong Peng, and there is not just one but two entry points into or from the highway. This makes Yong Peng the no-brainer pit stop along the KL to Johor Bahru stretch of the highway, since you’re in Yong Peng town the moment you get off the highway, and you don’t even have to back-track to continue on your journey! Whether you are driving up or down, you can plan your meal time to be in Yong Peng.

I am no expert when it comes to culinary choices in Yong Peng, but I have been to, and can recommend two restaurants – Or Hwu (五湖) and Rong Cheng (隆城海鲜楼). Or Hwu serves traditional Foochow dishes, with the Foochow noodles being the signature dish. This is very similar to the KL Hokkien noodles (maybe it was inspired by this?). The gravy is so gooey and oily you’ll feel sinful eating this, but it is good and exactly how it should be. The pork balls are pretty good too. By the way, the lady boss is very friendly and she comes around to speak to you as if she already knew you.

Foochow noodles
Foochow pork balls

Rong Cheng restaurant is the one that gets our repeat visit, simply for the fact that their kitchen operates throughout the afternoon, even at odd hours when people would be having their afternoon tea instead of lunch. It is a full fledge restaurant that is big enough for hosting weddings. Their menu is very extensive, so you can order different dishes every time you come by. They do have Foochow specialty dishes too. Prices are fair despite it being a slightly more upscale restaurant in Yong Peng. They do accept credit card for payment, so you can feast here even if you are not carrying much Ringgit with you.

Rong Cheng Dish
You can order just about anything under the sky at Rong Cheng

Both restaurants are just off the main road, and here’s how you can spot them (images taken from Google Streetview). Update: the signage is now in black.

Or Hwu, on the left when going in south direction
Or Hwu, on the left when going in south direction
Rong Cheng
Rong Cheng, on the right when going in south direction

Yong Peng is also famous for fish ball (西刀鱼丸), but i’m not a fan of fish ball in general and have never been to any such eatery in Yong Peng, so i cannot comment on them. You can easily spot them off the main raod too.

Update 16 Nov 2017

It’s been some time since i last went to Yong Peng. I noticed that the town is thriving. For one thing, there are more eateries here than the other towns near the North-South highway.

If you are lazy, i counted at least 4 eateries not too far from the northern toll booth (Yong Peng Utara), just slightly beyond the long distance bus stop (which, if you’re driving, you probably shouldn’t be patronizing). Well, checking on Google streetview, there’s Restoran Kim Wah Ki, Old Street Seafood etc.

Anyway, during my KL to Singapore drive today, i decided to try some cheap food at the Banyan tree’s food court (榕树下). By the way, there were 3 trees in front of the food court and they didn’t look like Banyan trees. The Banyan tree could be more of a reference to Fuzhou.

Half the stalls were closed, including the famous duck noodles stall

As this is more of a hawker centre, don’t expect the quality of the food to be restaurant standard, but they do have a home-cooked feel. Since the duck noodles stall was closed, i ordered food from the other well-known stall, Li Xiang.

Red wine Mee Suah at RM 5.50. Quite gingery and a little sweet. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.
Duck noodles, served in a bowl rather that the usual plate when the stall owner saw that i had kids with me. This is basically the Yong Peng style Fuzhou noodles with duck meat.
Crispy Bee Hoon from the corner Tze Char stall at RM5. Does the job i guess.

Overall, if you want variety and cheap food (even though half the stalls were closed), i think Banyan tree’s food court is a good place. A lot of locals came to get take-away food, mostly patronizing the economy rice stall and Li Xiang.

I also decided to check out the shop that is famous for selling Kompyang in Yong Peng, Eng Hin. They sell a variety of biscuits, and also the flat Fuzhou noodles.

Located at the northern end of the main road in Yong Peng, you’ll have to make a U turn to get to Eng Hin if you came in from the nothern toll booth
The sweet and slightly softer biscuits on the left, and the original Kompyang on the right (which isn’t so hard actually)

Update 27 Apr 2022

Visited Wan Jia Shian recently and I wholely recommend eating here too. They are just a few doors away from Or Hwu. They serve Foochow noodles also and it was very good. The restaurant is air-conditioned and the lady boss is extremely friendly. They accept TnG eWallet payment (which you can top up with Credit card).

Wan Jia Shian with a fine looking facade (image from Google Streetview)
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