Breakfast chronicles – American breakfast


I’m calling this “American breakfast” out of convenience, but it really is just the combination of sausage, scrambled eggs, mushroom and bun. There’s something about this kind of ensemble that makes people willing to fork out $15 per a set at a cafe, when it really costs under $4 homemade.

Portobello mushroom is a favourite of my wife’s, and there’s little need to season it to make it tasty. I just dabbled it with a little balsamic glaze and garlic salt. I did the ready-in-an-hour bun (although it didn’t seem ready for baking after just a 20 minutes rise time so I waited much longer). On hindsight, i should have left it to rise overnight in the fridge. These were toasted on a panini grill with cheddar cheese sandwiched in between. Ramekins help to keep the scrambled eggs warm. In case you’re wondering, the ramekins were bought from Taobao for cheap. The sprinkled dried chives also work reasonably well, and these were from iHerb.

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