Breakfast chronicles – baked pasta

My breakfast today – baked pasta with ham and mushroom in Garlic Tarragon cream sauce. You probably didn’t realize that i decide on what recipe to make based on the leftover ingredients i have on hand. For example, i made cheese fries because i had leftover sour cream from making cheesecake. Making cheese fries left me with half a packet of shredded cheddar, hence the choice of baked pasta.

Baked pasta is nothing fanciful. I happen to have a box of Penne bought from more than a year ago, so no better chance to utilize it than now. I chanced upon a recipe that calls for Garlic and Tarragon in cream sauce, which is perfect, because i have a bottle of Tarragon i bought on iHerb from those days when i bought all kinds of herbs and spices only to experiment with a single recipe. Anyway, i was so wary of its strong taste that i used too little of it to be noticeable, oh well.

Thickened cream is often called for in cream sauce recipes, but i don’t use it often enough to have it readily available on hand, so i normally just use milk (and now also evaporated milk). It may not be as rich, but it will do.

Bawang Hutan (Garlic Nuts)
Bawang Hutan (Garlic Nuts)

By the way, i was given some Bawang Hutan or Garlic Nuts from 2 years ago. It has such a strong garlic smell it that it actually makes everything surrounding it smell like garlic. I grate some of this stuff into my cooking, and though i don’t actually notice its taste, everything always comes out tasting right.

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