Breakfast chronicles – cheese fries


My breakfast doesn’t get more decadent than this. I avoid fried food as much as possible, but cheese fries is one of the few things i give concession to once in a while, especially to go with beer.

I have actually tried oven-baking fries, but it turned out soggy, consistent with the result someone else said he/she got. I guess using an air-fryer would yield better results, but i now know first hand that there is no better way to do it than having fries oil-fried.

I’m not sure why, but despite cheese dips being relatively popular in Singapore, it isn’t readily available in our local supermarkets the way it is in the US (Velveeta). The solution is having to make your own, which isn’t a bad idea, as it is probably more healthy. It is tricky to make though. I prefer the sauce to be less milky, which means the sauce would be very thick and hard to handle. I normally go by feeling and don’t follow recipes exactly, since the quantity I want is usually different. The key here is that just a little starch is sufficient to generate a roux to hold the cheese, so go easy on the starch.

By the way, the ham, bacon, cheese and fries as pictured were all from QB Food.


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