Breakfast chronicles – curry chicken wrap

Ingredient of the day – leftover Prata curry sauce. That probably sounds crazy to you, but, yes, that’s how frugal i am (and that’s why you should read my “spend-thrift” articles if you share the same interest on saving money). Well, since the curry sauce is already so tasty, why not make use of it?

Baked potatoes with crispy crust
Baked potatoes with crispy crust

I marinated some de-boned and diced chicken thigh meat, fried and dumped it into the curry sauce. I also cooked some diced potato, tossed it with salt, some Garam Masala and oil, and baked it for 10 minutes to make give it a crispy crust, and finally dumped it into the curry sauce as well. Apply this onto popiah skin (actually i’m using something else that works as a wrap), and ta-da, curry chicken wrap! A very simple but tasty enough breakfast.

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