Breakfast chronicles – fried glutinous rice

This is an easy, half hour recipe. It allows me to use up leftover braised soy sauce (卤汁) as well as Chinese sausage. When you takeaway Teochew porridge and you order the braised pork dish, don’t throw away the leftover gravy, it serves this dish very well.

You’ll find many recipes online for this dish, so i won’t repeat the effort here. Here are some tweaks i have applied: instead of soaking in water, i soaked the glutinous rice overnight in the braised soy sauce, which might improve the flavour (i’m not sure if it does actually). Instead of just having the Chinese sausage, mushroom and dried shrimps typically called for in the recipes, i also added fried diced pork to make the dish more satisfying. Also, instead of steaming the rice, i used the microwave, which is quicker.

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