Breakfast chronicles – Mango with sticky rice and green bean soup

Double desserts for breakfast, how about that? I was initially going to make only the Mango with sticky rice (using the leftover coconut milk from making Nasi Lemak), but felt it is a little dull by itself, so i decided to do Orh Nee as well, since i have a bunch of leftover ginkgo nuts. Alas, i didn’t manage to buy yam, so I did green bean soup instead, which also allows me to utilize the ginkgo nuts.

The sticky rice was pretty easy to do, and i did it the microwave method, which is a lot easier than steaming. Well, there’s just no reason for me to order this dessert in a Thai restaurant anymore (unless i’m in Thailand). The next time i go to Thailand again, i’m definitely going to bring home some premium quality glutinous rice.

Green bean soup
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