Breakfast chronicles – Mee Goreng

I used to do the fail-proof “Mamak” version of Mee Goreng, but recently became more interested in mimicking the Indian version (i.e. without soy sauce), which preserves more of the natural taste of the yellow noodles itself rather than having it masked by soy sauce. Also, i love having potatoes with the noodles. This time round, to ensure more even seasoning (tumeric and salt), I applied the seasoning before cooking the noodles. The rest of the recipe is easy as ever.

I always run into a problem though, that of having more “liao” (side items) than noodles. That is because the noodles from the supermarket normally comes in 400g packets, which is barely enough for 2 adults and 2 kids. Getting 2 packets is likely too much, but I will try 2 packets the next time. The noodles is really the star of the dish.

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