Breakfast chronicles – Pizza

We are not quite fond of Pizza, until our visit to Naples. Italian Pizzas are quite different from the typical Americanized version that are commercially prevalent in most other parts of the world. It is quite simple, typically with no more than five ingredients for the topping.

Anyway, ever since tasting the real Italian Pizza, we developed a craving for it, especially the one with Arugula, Prosciutto and Burratta. Burratta isn’t readily available here in Singapore, but one can get the pear shaped Mozzarella from the Supermarket. Does not come close to the real Burratta but it will do. I got my Prosciutto from QB Food.

Believe it or not, this was the very first time i made a Pizza, and it turned out fine. For the dough, i used the recipe from here, scaling it down to 200g of flour instead of 1kg. As usual, apart from the flour, i didn’t bother to measure the ingredients precisely. It’s more about getting the dough to the right consistency with the right amount of hydration. I left the dough fermenting overnight, as is recommended in the recipe that at least 4 to 5 hours is needed.

The dough with concentrated tomato paste brushed over and sprinkling of garlic powder

My volcanic rock baking stone came in handy for baking the dough. Instead of heating up the stone using the oven, which would have taken forever, i heated the stone directly on the gas stove. I doubt you can do the same with a pizza baking stone.

Volcanic rock heated up directly on the gas stove

The dough turned out better than expected. On hindsight, i should have heated up the stone even more, and hopefully get a charred bottom next time.

It takes only around half an hour to make the pizza base, and the final step is to simply sprinkle the Arugula, Prosciutto and Burratta on top. A really tasty breakfast, probably costing less than half what you pay to get something similar in a restaurant.

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