Taobao product recommendation – Oil sprayer

Years ago, i bought an oil sprayer, but it was soon left in the dust. It really didn’t work so well in that you don’t get an even misting. Fast forward to today, oil sprayers have improved quite a bit. The main reason i abandoned the idea of the oil sprayer was that the oil […]

Taobao product recommendation – Mini Wash Ultrasonic washer

I came across this “new” gadget on Kickstarter that uses technology I’ve never heard of – Ultrasonic cleaning. It looked really impressive, but by now, it’s become a reflex for me to be suspicious of products on crowd funding platforms. True enough, this was one of those many products being launched on Kickstarter simply for […]

Taobao product recommendation – Aircond remote control

The aircond remote control is one of those things that’s bound to become spoiled after some years of usage. The LCD becomes illegible. Thankfully, you can find compatible replacement remote controls from Taobao. I’m sure most people would prefer to buy a remote control that looks exactly the same as the one its meant to […]

Taobao product recommendation – Piano humidity controller

The relative humidity in Singapore typically ranges from 50% to 100%, and this is not very good for keeping pianos in optimal shape. According to Steinway, the most favourable environment for a piano is a relative humidity of 45% to 70% and a constant temperature of 20°C. This is only possible if air conditioning is […]

Taobao product recommendation – Tamagoyaki pan

To make Tamagoyaki, you really need a special pan. You need a small pan so the eggs would be thick, and it has to be rectangular or square so you can make a roll out of it. I needed little convincing to buy one of these pans on Taobao. If you’re lazy to do parcel […]

Taobao product recommendation – Cassette tape player

Years ago, i bought an Aiwa (if you’re a teen two decades ago you would have heard of it) branded cassette tape player so i could future proof myself, to be able to play some cassette tapes i had in my possession. Unfortunately, it broke down, and, like everyone who’s lazy to do backup, my […]

Taobao product recommendation – PC Power Supply Unit

Taobao is my go-to source for all PC components and peripherals, and why not, since everything is cheap and potentially very good quality. The PSU of my home theatre PC just broke down, and i managed to find a very good replacement. Related posts: Taobao product recommendation – LED light, the definitive guide Taobao product […]

Taobao product recommendation – Wireless Microphone, replaceable battery for receiver

I have previously gotten a set of wireless microphone. Having been mistaken that it is spoilt, which i later found out was not the case, i went ahead to buy another set. This time round, i chose one that came with replaceable lithium battery for the receiver unit, so that it will be future proof […]

How to use digital FastPass at Tokyo Disney Resort

Using a digital FastPass (i.e. get FastPass on your phone) is essential at Tokyo Disney Resort to reduce waiting time for the rides. Unfortunately, there is a lot of difficulty involved in achieving this for foreigners. I managed to do it with the help of these two guides, and i have more details to share […]