Taobao product recommendation – monitor arm

It never occurred to me before, but a monitor arm is a fantastic way to save desktop (the physical one) space and save your neck.

The stand that normally comes with a monitor hardly gives you sufficient height so you can look at the monitor at eye level, as well as closer to you so you don’t have to squint (the alternative remedy is to use an ultra large monitor). With a monitor arm, you can quickly adjust the height to suit the user, be it an adult or a child.

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Taobao product recommendation – Parquet floor chair mat

Not too much to say about this one, except you really need a mat like this if you use a roller chair on parquet floor, otherwise you will get scratch marks on the floor all over. Really cheap from Taobao at S$3.80 per piece of 80cm X 80cm and 1.5mm thickness.

Taobao product recommendation – SSD

As with a motherboard, it would be wise to get an SSD from Taobao too. Prices are absolutely the lowest you can find anywhere.

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Taobao product recommendation – motherboard

There was a time when the computer motherboard you bought were all Taiwanese branded ones. Well, enter China into the market, and you guessed it, they devour the budget segment.

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Dash – Cashback king till 30 Sep 2019

Well, I’ve only recently signed up with Dash, the payment platform by Singtel, mostly out of curiosity. I’ve noticed their ads at Food Republic food courts for the longest time, but never felt any urge to give them a try. I did so recently, just to check if they offered any good deals.

What do you know, they are running a promotion that is actually pretty good, valid till 30 Sep 2019. 5% cashback on Qoo10 and Lazada (capped at $2.50, on top of the usual 1% Shopback cashback), as well as for purchases of groceries at Fairprice and Sheng Siong, among the rest, with no minimum spend requirement. You may shop at each of these merchants once a day and receive the 5% cashback, and it is credited into your Dash account by the very next day, which means the money is practically available for use by your next transaction.

By the way, from 12-15 Jul 2019, there is an additional 10% off with promo code plus 5% cashback on Lazada.

If you’re wondering what Dash is about, it’s like a prepaid credit card account. You get a virtual Visa credit card number every time you need one for a transaction. I didn’t keep track, but you’re probably assigned a new virtual credit card number every time. This is unlike the Youtrip card where you get a permanent Mastercard credit card number. For foreign currency transactions, i think Dash does not offer a better deal than Youtrip though. There is an ongoing 5% cashback deal (max S$5) for overseas spending valid till 30 Sep 2019 as well, might work out better than Youtrip.

No better time to sign up with Dash than now (get up to $3 cashback when you make your 1st transaction)!

Taobao product recommendation – Portable monitor

I bought a portable monitor not too long ago for use in conjunction with a Compute Stick or as a replacement monitor for my aging laptop (soon ten years old). Well, it was too bulky to be placed over my laptop monitor to become the replacement literally, and i had this brilliant idea of finding one that does.

As mentioned in my previous post, i never liked the built-in display of the laptop, being very low resolution (1366 X 768) and having very washed out colours. I used an external monitor almost all the time. If you’re wondering why i got a laptop, well, it’s for portability when i need it.

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The cheapest way to access Google, WhatsApp and Facebook on a trip to China

The easiest way, and actually still relatively inexpensive way to go about this is to use a local SIM card with data roaming activated. I say it is relatively inexpensive because it cost only $8 for 1GB of data over a week if you use a Starhub prepaid card, and I think it is wise to do so. Forget about buying any other types of prepaid SIM card, or worse, renting a WiFi sharing device. M1 data passport is also very expensive ($25) in comparison.

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Taobao product recommendation – Stainless steel ice cubes

Want instant cool drinks but don’t want to dilute the drink with water? Then stainless steel ice cubes are for you. Just cool the cubes in the freezer as you would do with ice cubes, then drop them into your drink to chill it.

Cool your beer without diluting it
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Taobao product recommendation – Bluetooth transmitter receiver

I have previously bought this Bluetooth tranceiver, but ultimately it didn’t work well. In fact, it died. I suspect it was due to charging the battery while it is in use at the same time.

Get a pair of this to enjoy low latency and reliable wireless audio transmission

Well, i now got my hands on a Bluetooth 5 transceiver. It runs on the Qualcomm CSR8675 chip, which is probably the market leader. I ordered a pair so that i can be assured of the most reliable wireless audio transmission possible, but alas, the seller only shipped one unit, and refunded me the payment for the second unit. I will probably have to order another one next time.

Anyhow, i tried pairing this lone Bluetooth 5 transmitter with the built-in Bluetooth receiver on my mixer, and the result was fantastic! The audio quality was really spectacular, despite the Bluetooth receiver on my mixer being at most Bluetooth 4.1 (it is unspecified).

I tried using the Bluetooth transmitter while charging it at the same time and it resulted in some high pitched noise. I guess it is generally not a good idea to do so, the circuitry might be damaged.

I highly recommend this Bluetooth transmitter/receiver. If you need SPDIF input/output, you can get the bigger box and it cost only 20 Yuan more.

Taobao product recommendation – Sous Vide circulator

Before i proceed any further, i must put forth the disclaimer that i have not purchased the product from Taobao that i am introducing today. I still own and use the Anova circulator i have gotten many years ago.

My Anova still works flawlessly, but the clamp for holding it to the pot has broken off. Having used a Sous Vide circulator, though only on and off, i think it’s actually quite worthwhile owning one.

I managed to cook 10 duck legs at one go
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