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Crazy Qoo10 deal at Crazy Chef

For only S$17
All the food in the photos for only S$17

Here’s an unbelievable deal: spend $17 to get $50 worth of food, with no extra service charge or GST. Crazy Chef offers this deal for $23, but if you applied the $3 off $20 MasterCard item coupon (which brings the subtotal down to S$20), and further apply the $3 off $20 MasterCard cart coupon, you pay only $17.

The prices of the food items are more than affordable to begin with – $6 for a chicken burger, $7.50 for the beef burger. The patties are homemade. They tasted really good and i highly recommend going for the burgers. The burgers come with salad and soup too! I was given a slice of the rainbow cake in lieu of the soup which was not available this week. Not a problem, the kids loved the cake!

It is impossible for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 young kids) to spend $50 on a single meal at Crazy Chef. It would take 7 adults to fully utilize the $50, which means the cost per adult is less than $2.50! Thankfully, one is allowed to order the sandwich platter, which costs $24.50, which was what we did. We would be having the sandwich for dinner.

I wonder how Crazy Chef is able to make a profit with such a deal, whereby i speculate that they only get $15 out of every Qoo10 order. I sincerely hope they will be able to survive and do well! Fresh ingredients, tasty food, super friendly service. Too hard to come by in Singapore!

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  1. Crazychef Avatar

    “We r crazy! Sure can survive! Haha..” Thank you for your blog and your appreciation towards our food and services.

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