Delicious Danish

DSC_0054 The Little Mermaid

Notice the backdrop of the photo of the Little Mermaid? Ugly industrial buildings and cranes! I guess tourism was not originally in the mind of Carl Jacobsen, the founder of Carlsberg, who commissioned the creation of the statue. This is probably the main tourist attraction associated with Copenhagen, and especially because it’s free, it’s always surrounded by tour groups, even though there’s not much to it.

DSC_0016 Nyhavn Harbour

To be honest, i was not quite impressed with many of the other tourist attractions of Copenhagen as well, be it Nyhavn Harbour or Tivoli Garden. Pity i didn’t get to go into the Rosenborg Castle, which looks interesting. It closes at 4pm in spring, too early!

Parquet Parquet flooring in Copenhagen Airport

I was amazed, though, by the sight of parquet flooring in Copenhagen airport – a sure sign of how wealthy Denmark is. You could spend a good hour or two shopping in the extensive transit area.

DSC_0153 Strawberry tart and Danish

The best part of Copenhagen/Denmark, to me, are the pastries! My wild hypothesis on why a Danish is called so: it’s so good that Danes are given the tribute. Incidentally, the best restaurant in the world is in Copenhagen. Obviously, Danes know a thing or two about cooking!

A summon being served by a horse-riding policewoman

By the way, IMHO, Tuborg tastes better than Carlsberg.

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