Home brew lager beer taste test

It’s almost 10 weeks since i bottled my first home brew lager beer, and i felt it was time i started enjoying the fruit of my labour (the instructions says wait 12 weeks). I was half expecting the beer to be under carbonated, since i used less sugar for priming than recommended, and was a little unsure of how much sugar finally went into the beer. Well, all the worry proved to be unnecessary, as the beer turned out just fine!

As you can see in the photo, the beer is actually quite frothy, the colour looks appetizing, and i think the level of carbonation was adequate. As for the taste, it is really like a typical lager as promised, with a slightly more yeasty flavour due lack of filtering. It is certainly better than the beer you get from the supermarket, especially in terms of mouth-feel. What i find annoying about beers from the supermarket is, when you sip the last few drops (not supposed to i guess), it feels extremely watery and seems to spoil the entire drinking experience.

The level of alcohol content felt very high, which i suspected was the case when i tasted the beer at the time of bottling. This is actually a problem to me, because i would have preferred to be able to drink more without experiencing a knock-out effect.

Anyway, i’m happy to have another 32 bottles (660ml) of this S$1.50 beer remaining 🙂

Update 4/4/2016: the beer tastes better just one week later (at close to 11 weeks). I can imagine it will taste even better at 12 weeks and beyond. The conclusion i can draw from this is: i gotta make beer more often to keep up with the demand!

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