Honda Jazz 2009 mileage


Honda Jazz 2009 mileage at 17000+ km (60/40 highway/city) : 13.7 km/l. Still a little disappointing. Nowhere near the 16 km/l that a reader is getting (granted, that was achieved on the previous model, and a manual one at that). Nevertheless, the engine runs a lot smoother now and the mileage is improving, hopefully hitting 14 km/l soon.

Petrol wise, my personal choice is SPC, not for anything else, but for the price. With the combo of Loyalty Card + Credit Card + $2 Voucher (promo till end of the month), the final discount rate is in excess of 17%. Nothing comes close to this in terms of instant discount. Mileage wise, experience tells me that all petrol of the same grade gives similar result. Why be hard on your wallet..

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