Ideal Italy

View of Tuscany near San Gimignano

Italy is placed at the 10th spot of the best places to live in the world according to one ranking. I couldn’t have agreed more to what they had to say about Italy:

Rome, Venice, and Florence”¦ mountains reflected in sapphire lakes”¦ golden beaches and hill towns cobbled with secrets. Sunflowers, vineyards, and opera. And the best espresso, pizza, and ice cream you’ll ever taste.

Italy continues to hold the trophy of having the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with 47 as of 2011. The total number of Michelin starred restaurants in Italy is second only to France in Europe. Italy is also among the top wine producing and exporting countries. Not forgetting also, Italy makes world renowned leather goods and crafts that are superior in quality and style.

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Italians take it easy. They are never in a hurry with their meals. You will have to be patient while waiting to be served in a restaurant, otherwise it could possibly result in unhappiness. They are also naturally comical/dramatic people, which adds to the zest in life.

If you ask me, the Italians have it all.. heritage, landscape, art, music, food, wine, coffee, fashion and the list goes on..

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