Kitchen Hack: salted egg yolk everything

You don’t live on this planet if you didn’t notice the latest craze on using salted egg yolk in all kinds of food. Yes, even McDonald’s outed a salted egg yolk chicken burger. Did you ever wonder how they source for the salted egg yolk? Well, i’m no F&B industry expert, and i’m only speculating, that most of what is claimed to be salted egg yolk is salted chicken egg yolk. You say, what?! Isn’t salted egg yolk supposed to be duck egg yolk? That is wishful thinking. Nobody will be able to stomach the price of duck egg yolk. You will likely find true salted duck egg yolk dishes only at some Tze Char (all-round Chinese cooking) stalls or restaurants.

Aspiring home chefs hoping to work on salted egg yolk recipes are probably put off by the wastage involved when buying salted duck eggs just for the yolk. Having been Hen Tick’s customer for some time, i noticed, one day, when collecting items from their store, that there was a packet of salted egg yolk on display. I was ecstatic, and various recipes raced through my mind instantly, the first of which was the golden lava bun (流沙包). If only i could make that at home!

On further inquiry, i was told it was salted chicken egg yolk, “not what i thought it was”. The staff must have been asked a thousand times. Anyway, it seems the item wasn’t for sale yet, and i chucked the thought aside. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, i noticed that Hen Tick has the item for sale on Qoo10 at a sale price of only S$6.90. I bought a packet without any hesitation.

Anyway, can you tell the difference between salted duck and chicken egg yolk? Honestly speaking, you can. At least, i think my favourite golden lava bun is made of real salted duck egg yolk. Or is it? Hmm. For all the other salted egg yolk food items i have had sampled so far, i’m pretty sure salted chicken egg yolk was used, especially now that i have tasted the frozen salted chicken egg yolk from Hen Tick.

The creaminess of egg yolk makes it a wonder ingredient that turns everything tasty. The recipe on the back of the packaging is that of Mayonnaise sauce. I have tried making Hollandaise sauce with success. I have actually attempted making the golden lava bun as well, but failed miserably. I had initially wanted to share with you, my readers, about this discovery (of being able to purchase salted egg yolk at a reasonably cheap price) only after i have had success with the golden lava bun, but, i couldn’t hold back!

Anyway, standard disclaimer, i am not paid by anyone to market anything on my website. S$6.90 is the sale price that Hen Tick offers for this product every now and then, otherwise it reverts back to S$9.90.


It is really difficult to arrive at the effect of cooked salted duck egg yolk. When you cook this in the microwave oven, you get scrambled egg yolk. Maybe steaming is the way. Anyway, taste wise, don’t expect the richness you get with salted duck egg yolk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I still do find this product relevant for making some foodstuff, but probably not so much for recipes that call for salted duck egg yolk.

Sliced fish in salted egg yolk sauce/batter
Anyhow executed sliced fish in salted egg yolk sauce/batter went well with the kids
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