Kitchen Hack: spiced up ice cream

We all know branded ice cream can cost a lot of money. While it’s true that the texture is superior, given the small quantity, they are anything but value for money.

If you or your kids love ice cream, you can create your own special flavoured ice cream by spicing up plain old vanilla ice cream. Despite seemingly uninteresting, vanilla ice cream is usually the base upon which other flavours of ice cream are built upon, and it is perhaps the least artificial tasting, compared to, say, strawberry flavoured ice cream.

The possibilities are limitless – you can mix nuts, crispies, fruits, jam, sweets and so on with vanilla ice cream to create something tantalizing. And you don’t need to buy very expensive vanilla ice cream. I got my 1.5 litre tub for S$4.50, and it works great. By the way, I dislike the Magnolia branded one, it is too sweet, seems to melt too easily and makes you really thirsty, as if it had MSG added.

I have tried adding honey with rice crispies (inspired by hokey pokey), raisins, Ritz crackers, white chocolate and even black sesame paste with success. Kids loved it. This is a very good way of finishing up those leftover items that are not so interesting on their own.

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