Korean marinated Sous Vide steak

I bought a packet of beef seasoning during my trip to Korea. I thought i should give it a try as a steak marinade. Anyway, obviously i can’t read a single word on the packaging, so i have no idea how this was to be used. I applied it (powder form) directly onto the slab of beef. On hindsight, i probably should have made a liquid marinade out of the seasoning. The steak turned out a little too saltish, especially because i applied salt in addition to the seasoning.

Sous Vide Korean marinated beef
Sous Vide Korean marinated ribeye

Anyway, cooking Sous Vide at 52°C for just over 30 minutes, then seared and torched for about 1 minute each side, the steak turned out well. It was medium well, tender and still juicy.

Evenly cooked and not rare at the centre
Evenly cooked

Strangely, the taste of the steak did not really resemble Korean BBQ beef, most likely because i did not dissolve the seasoning to make a liquid marinade. I will definitely try this again, and i imagine the seasoning would work very well for stir fried beef.

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