Kyoto in 1.5 days

Many itineraries are possible in Kyoto. Here’s what i have chosen to do in 1.5 days. This itinerary is a scaled down version of japan-guide’s Eastern Kyoto Full Day itinerary, and i had to skip a few stops, as my original itinerary was still overly ambitious. There were a lot of slopes to tackle, which turned out to be quite challenging for us as we were carrying 2 kids.

Day 1 – Arrival at Narita in the morning. Take Shinkansen to Kyoto. Check in to guesthouse. Head to Fushimi Inari. Dessert at 中村藤吉 which is at Kyoto Station. Check out the shopping mall at Kyoto Station (Isetan). Dinner at 太郎屋.

Day 2 – Get the one day bus pass. Most of the tourist attractions are actually accessible only by bus. Take bus to Ginkakuji. Walk along Philosopher’s path. Take bus to get lunch at Gion Doraemon (祇園えもん). Take bus down to Kiyomizudera (requires some climbing). Tea break. Take bus back to Gion Hanamikoji. Gion Shirakawa is a short walking distance away. Walk to the Pontocho area for dinner, at Hiro‘s. Bus to Shijidori, the main shopping street.

Fushimi Inari is famous for its Torii gates.


Nice photographic opportunities here, easy access via the JR Nara line.

Glimpse into the driver’s seat on the vintage train that still serves Kyoto – Nara.

中村藤吉 offers nice green tea flavoured desserts. Its location at Kyoto station makes it an easy tea time stop. Expect to queue for a while.

Sample Kyoto style Obanzai at 太郎屋.

Ginkakuji has a nice zen style garden.

The philosopher’s path is just beside the Ginkakuji, making them a compelling combo attraction in Kyoto.
Kiyomizudera is packed with tourists, but it is still worth a look despite having to jostle a bit.

I learned that the Japanese love to have a tree sticking out from the front facade of their homes, and it really does look pretty. Here’s an example from the Gion Hanamikoji area.

The Gion Shirakawa area is like the Japanese version of Venice.

Locals and foreigners alike love basking on the sidewalk of the Kamo river, and it is very pleasant indeed.

Patio dining at the Pontocho area overlooking the Kamo river is popular and probably requires advanced reservations.

Not to be missed in Japan.. Wagyu beef.

The main shopping street is along Shijidori.

The Japanese are so polite.

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