Last few days to enjoy $10 off $50 purchase on Redmart

Well, on new year’s day, i got a mailer from Redmart that enclosed a coupon code (HAPPY2016) giving a $5 discount. There seemed to be no other conditions attached, like minimum spending, but obviously, you’ll still want to chalk up $50 worth of purchase to avoid paying for delivery. This wasn’t as attractive as the $10 discount i used to get from them, but, oh well, $5 (10%) is still not too bad.

This promotion runs till 29th February. I’m not sure if it applies to new customers (who only need to spend $30 to get free delivery). Redmart offers an additional $1 discount if you allow them to deliver the goods up to 2 hours earlier than the chosen slot, and i always take up this option, so that’s $6 discount. Coupled with the 10% cashback i get from Shopback, overall, i get a savings of about $10 off $50.

Actually, I should also get another 5% cashback by making payment using BOC Shop! card (applies to all online transactions), which would mean another $2 off. I guess the bank and merchants’ profits are shaved really thin every time i do this, muahaha.. but they will continue to allow me to do this because the profit margin for groceries is sky high.

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