North-South highway lunch stop – Jasin

Jasin is probably the furthest from the toll station among the lunch places i have checked out along the North-South highway (not counting Kluang which is considered an intentional detour). I was pleasantly surprised by how historical the place is.

Jasin is located in the state of Malacca, and you can tell when you see the characteristic roofs of the Malay traditional houses (in the same style as those in Negeri Sembilan probably) which are not found in Johor. They are a pretty sight, and they make it worthwhile doing this short detour. Coming from KL, i took the Jasin toll exit, stopping at Jasin for lunch, and thereafter returned to the North-South highway via Chin Chin (what an interesting name) and Tangkak.

I didn’t do prior research on the food options available at Jasin, but anyway, true to my suspicion, Google search tells me that the food options are indeed limited, especially if you arrive late. While driving past the centre of town, i was attracted to the banner that says “野新主传牛腩面” (Jasin traditional beef brisket noodles). Unfortunately, they were not open. I settled for chicken rice, one of the only two stalls that were open at this age old eating alley.

Sheltered alley, and the seating is attached to the stalls, like Japanese style

The auntie manning the chicken rice stall was very chatty, and she told me that the eating alley had been operating for 55 years! It has retained the look and feel of the typical Malaysian small-town eating place from 50 years ago – truly nostalgic. Although it was rather dark, the place felt hygienic enough, for me at least.

How long more will they be doing this

The food was understandably a little cold, but it was like home-cooked food, and quite tasty. I will definitely visit again some day, and hopefully i can sample the beef brisket noodles the next time.

Sweet and sour pork, tofu and vege. Portion was decent
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