#onemontheuropetrip Italy part 1

We’ve been in Italy for only 3 days, but it feels as if it’s been 3 weeks. Just so much to see and experience.

It’s my third time in Rome, so i avoided most of the must-see attractions, except the Coliseum and Trevi fountain. Went to the Baths of Caracalla instead.

This section of the Baths of Caracalla is called Frigidarium, which is also the name of my favourite Gelato place in Rome.
The grounds around the Baths of Caracalla is pure serenity

Passed by Circus Maximus enroute to Trevi fountain
Saw this interesting building which looks like modern buildings built on top the remains of a mini coliseum
Trevi – beautiful as ever
Piazza Navona is an ever bustling place
Don’t miss this place when in Rome! Best Gelato you will taste. I first came to know this place by chance 8 years ago, and it is half the reason I would go back to Rome.
There is a flavour going by the namesake Frigidarium. Was intrigued to try and it turned out to be really good!
Actually all the flavours are damned good
Very generous serving for 3 EUR. Think you can choose up to 3 flavours.
Also only 3 EUR and the chocolate topping is free! Unbelievable
Da Tonino is only a short walk from Frigidarium. Very decent prices.
Oxtail. Extremely rich in flavour.
Very nicely marinated veal with beautiful baked potatoes.
Mushroom and peas pasta. Huge serving

Picked up the car the next morning and headed to the Necropolis at Ceverteri.

Mounds shaped like UFO. Houses built for the dead
There are also “terrace houses”
Here’s what it typically looks like inside. Truly built to last.
This one goes down deep
Man’s creation can’t beat God’s creation
Now a dwelling place for cats
Found this horse just behind where our car was parked when we were going off
Did lunch at the town centre of Ceverteri
Pasta know as Orecchiette
Entrecote. Perfectly charred beef steak.
Tiramisu, gobbled up by the kids
Cheesecake tends to be more mousse like, but I just love the biscuit attached to Italian desserts. It is always perfectly crunchy
Civita di Bagnoregio is the picture perfect hilltop village
The civita actually looks pretty on the inside as well!
Nothing fanciful but a stone facade is naturally beautiful
Cats more popular here than dogs
Another feline friend
Entrance and courtyard
Orvieto is the last stop of the day
The beautiful Duomo of Orvieto
Clock tower
My favourite photo – shadows
Italian style facade
An interesting intersection
Great view from the city wall

Dinner was at a semi-random place. The place I had chosen was closed for the day, and I went to the south western corner of town which I remembered was where a restaurant with positive reviews was situated. Turned out there was indeed a popular restaurant there – La Mezza Luna.

Everyone orders the Carbonara that is said to be number one. It did not disappoint.
Tortellini in cream sauce
Mixed grill. Other than being too salty, it was eye opening to taste how grilled meat was done in Italy. Nicely marinated and charred. The per person portion was too filling.

The Mall luxury goods outlet is always in my itinerary for Italy. I’m not into branded goods myself but many Asian tourists go crazy here. This would be my fourth time here.

The Mall

The worst thing that could happen when visiting The Mall is settling for a meal at one of the on-site restaurants. I was determined to avoid this mistake, and we went to Osteria De’ Giusti, conveniently located next to the A1 autostrada.

Gnocchi in Tuscan meat sauce. Tasty indeed.
Marinated cod fish. Surprisingly tender.
Cake with excellent biscuit as usual

By the way, we had half a litre of red wine accompanying every single meal, because it cost just 3.5 to 8 euros. Good for washing down food. Espresso cost 2 euros or below, great for capping a meal.

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