Openbravo POS: Recover lost imported orders

Having imported orders from Ubercart into Openbravo POS, i discovered that all is not well as some of the imported orders will somehow disappear afterwards. I have not established the usage pattern under which the disappearance occurs, and decided that it was probably faster to perform a workaround recovery rather than nail down the exact reason for the disappearance.

Recovery in his case, by definition, means selecting recent (decide for yourself what is recent, e.g. in the past 10 days) EDI files generated by the Ubercart EDI module and previously downloaded for import, and checking if they already exist among tickets or shared tickets. If not, import them again. Simple as that.

As part of this exercise, i decided to include an archival function together with the recovery function, to be performed in a single stroke when importing orders. The downside to this workaround recovery, besides being slightly inelegant, is that there may be moments between performing order import where some orders are not recorded in Openbravo POS. If you’re not getting an order every second for your business, this shouldn’t pose any serious problem. Anyway, if you’re actually getting an order every second, you shouldn’t be using Openbravo POS!

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