Print your own Passport/ID photos

We live in the digital age, and often times, a digital photo is accepted in place of a physical one. Nevertheless, there will be times when a physical Passport/ID photo is required. I’ve been doing this for years, printing my own Passport/ID photos at a measly price of S$0.25 for 8 photos, and it’s actually quite easy. Here’s how:

  1. Have your own photo taken. This is the most difficult step. You’ll often end up with photos that have shadows, either in the background or on the face, and these are usually unacceptable. To overcome this problem, make sure the source of light is from the same direction as where the photographer is and not at an angle (e.g. ceiling lighting isn’t so good). If necessary, use the camera flashlight, with diffuser if available. It also helps not to stand too close to the wall. Basically, you try to imitate the set up in a photography studio.
  2. Upload your photo to This is an advertisement based service that is completely free. Select the country that is applicable and do any necessary editing. The download link will be made available after a 90 seconds waiting period.
  3. Bring the downloaded file to a photo printing service. I go to Harvey Norman. They used to allow printing even just a single photo, but now impose a S$1.50 minimum amount, the price for printing 6 4R photos. I would just print some other photos of my kids to give to my parents.
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