Product recommendation – Kuissential Evengrind coffee bean grinder

I’ve finally received the coffee bean grinder i ordered from Kickstarter last year, after a delay for more than half a year, plus another half a year wait for friends from the US to bring it over.

First impression – it’s big! A lot bigger than the Hario Mini Mill i was using. The bigger size in itself brings about more stability during grinding. Does it deliver the even grind promised? Indeed it does. With the Hario, large granules are visible in the resulting grind. I put the ground coffee from the Evengrind to the test and i think it really was an improvement – the coffee was much more Espresso like.

The Evengrind gets my nod. As of now, Kuissential hasn’t launched the product yet, but you can sign up to be notified when it becomes available.

Even grind
Even grind


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