Have always wanted to get my hands on one of these deep fryer machines. Deep frying is one of those things i used to dread because of the amount of oil used, from both the wastage and health points of view. Well, having done deep frying quite a bit by now, you could say i got used to the oil usage. Deep frying produces a texture no other cooking method can imitate (well the air-fryer comes close only for a small subset of foodstuff), so one has to incorporate it into the full arsenal of cooking techniques.

The whole idea of a deep fryer machine is to reduce the hassle of maintaining temperature and also in ensuring that everything is evenly cooked. It can also reduce the oily fume emitted as compared to using a wok, plus it also eliminates the danger of getting hot oil splattered onto your arms. Easily justifiable purchase. Compared to Taobao, it is still quite expensive. This one on Taobao would make for a good choice actually – only 99 Yuan (S$20) for the comparable model before shipping and tax. The advantage of the Taobao product is the longish shape, so you can even fry fritters (Youtiao). Anyway, if you’re more concerned with saving space, then the Qoo10 one is still a good choice. With the use of coupon, you can get at least 10% off the price.

Slightly larger than a typical kettle
Min and Max oil level. Uses an estimated minimum of slightly over a litre of oil, which is okay i guess.
The oil bubbles up during frying, so the maximum level of oil must be adhered to.
As expected, the steam from the food collects on the lid during frying. I’m not sure if it’s necessary, but i shook the water off the lid several times during the frying.

The food made with this deep fryer machine is exactly like what you get from commercial outlets. I can dump food inside the fryer and walk away without monitoring it, which is really convenient. Overall, I’m satisfied with the purchase.

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