Qoo10 Product recommendation – Korean Instant Noodles

Since Chapaguri was featured in the movie Parasite, I think a substantial number of people who saw the movie would have been curious enough to actually try to procure the noodles. I suppose you can count me as one of them.

Well, not that i was desperate to try the noodles at once. Happens that i was trying to accumulate $40 worth of QPrime purchases on Qoo10 so i can take advantage of a $6 off $40 coupon discount, so i thought this was a good opportunity to try the noodles. I chose the Chapaghetti variant, which is essentially the instant noodle version of Jjajangmyeon.

I think the price of $6 for one packet of noodles (set of 5 X 140g) as sold by Koryo Mart is quite decent (with free QPrime delivery if you hit $60 in overall purchase value). If you did a search, there are sellers who sell for double the price! And i’m sure there are people who would just blindly purchase before doing any research. I think I have done my due research, and, if you apply some form of coupon on Qoo10, this is definitely the cheapest you can find in Singapore (i did see amazon.sg selling at $5.95 but i doubt you can get any further discount).

It would have been 4 years since I tried Jjajangmyeon. Kids loved this too. The enclosed vegetables actually go very well with the noodles.

So i tried the noodles, and it actually does highly resemble the Jjajangmyeon i’ve tried in Seoul. The texture of the noodles is very good. Anyway, from the same product page you will find another version by Paldo which is supposedly even higher rated. It comes in the form of 4 X 200g, which works out to be more hefty per serving than the 140g Chapaghetti. This might be due to the fact that they package the actual sauce instead of powder form. I will definitely give it a try some day. Unfortunately, they don’t carry Neoguri, so you can’t make Chapaguri. You’ll have to source for Neoguri from elsewhere.

Happy with the purchase.

Update 17 May 2020: So i bought the Neoguri as well. Nongshim SG (official) was having a Time Sale bundle of 4 at $15.50. A good deal. This works out to $3.88 per packet, vs $4.20 from NTUC Fairprice. Well, true, the price difference isn’t that much, but if you happen to want to stock up and you want to ship other QPrime stuff as well, it’s worthwhile. Unfortunately, Nongshim SG does not carry Chapaghetti, never did.

Update 22 May 20: So I’ve finally made Chapaguri. Verdict: the Neoguri soup base does add a very nice kick to the overall taste. I think it’s really better than Chapaghetti alone.

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