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After the success story of Redmart, new contenders are cropping up every now and then. The new kid on the block is EAMart. Bet you haven’t heard of them. Well, i took notice only because they were the only online grocery store that stocked an item i happen to be Googling about.

So, what is the differentiation they offer? No minimum purchase to get free delivery. But seriously, i wonder how they stop someone from getting free delivery for an order of, say, just S$1. Anyway, I can imagine that, for a significant group of people, especially those who are too busy or simply hate to go to a supermarket, the free delivery is a big deal. It’s not for me, but just for fun, i made a purchase on EAMart 🙂 Here’s my take on EAMart:


– “Free Delivery. No minimum purchase” (this is their tagline, and well said)
– 5% Rebate credit that never expires, provided you spend $150 in a month (quite difficult to achieve since they don’t offer fresh produce, nor frozen food)
– A 10% discount voucher is given to your referrals, and you get it too when you have made your first purchase (could be for a limited period)
You earn 1% from your referrals’ purchase (now, that’s revolutionary)
– Bulk sale available on drinks, pet food, baby products and such
– Interesting product categories including Halal (this one can be very attractive to the Muslim community), Automotive, Lifestyle and Stationery and Vietnamese products (makes me wonder if they’re a Vietnamese backed outfit)


– No fresh produce (except they do offer eggs) nor frozen food
– Pricing isn’t competitive if you don’t factor in the 5% rebate
– They probably haven’t ramped up their delivery capacity. The earliest choice available to me was 4 days later. Update: for my second order, i was able to arrange next day delivery, although, i did get a call to tell me they had to postpone my delivery to the following 2 hours slot. I hope they can keep up with this level of customer service.
– Website is not refined (Update: they have since improved the website tremendously. In fact, would you believe it, they reached out to me for my opinion, so, uh, I had a hand in the improved website you’re enjoying now)

EAMart delivery with a Thank you card that contains a 10% discount code

The delivery was on time. I received an SMS and also a call before the delivery personnel came, and he was very polite. Overall, a positive experience. I would highly recommend that you try them out now, since you will be getting 10% discount on your first order. As you probably already know, you tend to get more incentives from an enterprise that is just starting-up and trying to establish a foothold in the market. That was the case with Redmart, i used to be able to get something like 30% off my orders with promo codes, but not anymore. They got worse after being bought over by the Alibaba group.

On the contrary, the Fairprice online store got much better. They used to offer free delivery only when you spend $200! Of course, the online store ended up a major flop. The website was clunky and unusable. Now that they have gotten rid of those old-fashioned managers who had no idea what they were doing, the online store was rebooted, given a catchy name – “Fairprice On”, and it rocks! The App is speedy and works well. Now, you need only to spend $49 to get free delivery, or $29 for collection from a Fairprice store.

Fairprice is actually the supermarket that i frequent the most, and the reason i would order online is, they dangle discount codes every now and then. For a start, you get $10 off $49 (that’s 20%!) on your first online purchase. Go get it.

This is how Fairprice tamper-proof their store collection goods. Not environmental-friendly, but no choice i guess
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  1. Yan Avatar

    Order delivered on Saturday but missing 2 items with full amount already charged to credit card. Spoke to delivery driver on the phone twice on Saturday, messaged, called office on Tuesday, promised to receive reply and resolution within an hour but until now still no callback. At best incompetent after-sales service, at worst disinterested in conducting an honest business. Will give 1 star review wherever I can.

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