Shopback Payout

My second round of cashback on Shopback just became redeemable, a total of $81.61, woot! This is comprised of 2 Agoda bookings ($15 each), 2 Redmart purchases, 2 Groupon purchases and flight tickets purchased on Expedia (1% cashback).


Besides purchases, i also scored two bonus payouts totalling $29, which is a lot. I notice that they don’t offer such bonuses these days, only increased cashback. The customer base must be quite large already by now that they don’t need to offer this kind of incentive anymore. Oh well.


The payout takes 7-14 working days to be credited. No problem, i can wait. It’s free money anyway. The only problem is my forgetting to do my purchases by going through Shopback, which still happens once in a long while.


If you’re still not on Shopback, what are you waiting for?

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2 responses to “Shopback Payout”

  1. Shu Fen Avatar
    Shu Fen

    Hi Yen Kai

    It’s me again, Shu Fen from ShopBack 🙂
    You’ve mentioned in this blogpost that you sometimes forget to shop through ShopBack sometimes. I would like to introduce to you ShopBack Buddy, a browser extension to remind you to get cashback when you shop! You can visit to download it. Hope this would help! Also would like for you to email me with your email address, have some questions to ask, thank you!

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Shu Fen, thanks for dropping by again. I’m actually aware of the browser extension, but was lazy to install it. I have used a similar browser extension from ebates before, so I do understand the concept. I guess I’ll give it a go, thanks for recommending.

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