Shopee product review – Fridgeballs

Like many new products i’m trying out these days, i first saw these Fridgeballs on one of the Facebook videos. Toss one of these balls into your fridge and your fruits and vegetables will last twice as long. Sounded like a good idea, and i immediately did a search on Taobao to see if such products were available. Well, yes and no. Yes in the sense that there are products that claim to do the same thing, but no, not the same product.

I held off purchasing what i found on Taobao, because i was worried i might run into a problem importing chemical products, or the shipping may not be cost effective. Anyway, recently, I started noticing that my less than one year old fridge was starting to smell, and that is something I’m seriously wary of. So i looked around on Shopee for a fridge anti-odour solution. Turned out that there are plenty of such products. They come in the form of activated carbon (cheapest, around $1.50), Fridgeballs ($3+), natural mineral deodorant (up to $10+) and ozone emitting devices ($8+ to $60). Of these, I was keen on the Fridgeballs and the ozone emitting device. Fridgeballs because there is a very high chance that it really does what it claims, and the ozone emitting device because they are reusable, and quite cheap.

i have just received the Fridgeballs today (last mile delivery by Roadbull, surprisingly). Won’t know if they really work as claimed (will report here if they do), and i suspect it is possible that i may not be able to tell the difference. But psychologically, i’m already feeling good about my vegetables lasting longer in my fridge, and having a lesser contribution to the odour. It would be especially advantageous during this lockdown period, when i’m staying home for at least 10 days straight before venturing out to replenish fresh produce, to be able to keep vegetables fresh for double the normal duration.

A short explanation on how the product works

Ultimately, these balls will wear out, and i’m pretty sure I won’t buy more of them. Feels like too much of a waste of plastic. I will try to ship the products I found on Taobao, such as this one. Much cheaper if you notice.

If you’re keen to try the Fridgeballs, search for “rotproof” on Shopee. I think it is still considered quite cheap, with shipping included.

Update 20 May 20: I somehow feel that the air inside my fridge feels more fresh. Not sure if it’s just a psychological effect, but the Fridgeballs might be effective afterall.

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