SOR six months later

It’s been almost 6 months since i last posted an entry, and during this time more than 10,000km has been added to my car mileage, i have quit my job (without first having found a new job.. for the first time), got married, gone for a two weeks plus self-drive honeymoon across 7 countries in Europe, launched a new e-commerce website, started on my new job, and bought a new property (took up a new SOR-pegged loan for it). Yes, much has happened during this time, but fortunately there hasn’t been much action on SOR rates.

SOR stayed consistently low (below the 0.6% level). It even touched the historical low (as in since 22 Apr 06) of 0.42% again on 18 Feb 10. Time and again, signs that the Federal Reserve will start raising interest rates end up being a false alarm, with expectations that things will remain status quo for some time. Similar sentiments are seen on the local front – “Singapore interbank rates not expected to move for the next six months”. This no doubt is helping to move property prices despite government actions to curb speculation, with attractive loan package offerings from banks. Stay tuned for my first hand report on the prevalent loan packages!

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