T.I.C.S. This is China still


I was quite astonished to see that some of the wordings on the sidewall have fallen off during my repeat visit to the Guangzhou Opera House. Only the English words came off, so one could postulate that this was an act of vandalism? Perhaps more surprisingly, nothing was done to fix it. The building is not even 2 years old.


Perhaps due to having a rather dusty climate and also heavy pollution, the glass panel that forms the ceiling is covered with thick layer of dirt. Maintenance is truly not an easy task here.


On the floor of the lift of the apartment hotel i was staying in, a caption that caught my eye – “The Upper-class think more get more”. Leaves me completely baffled as to what exactly was being conveyed. I hazard a guess that 90% of the residents of the building don’t understand what it means. “Upper-class” is actually part of the Chinese name adopted for the apartment. I guess you could say they wanted to highlight a sense of social class division rather than to play it down.

Also noted during this trip, extensive use of LED lighting in hotels. I guess the fact that they are cheaply manufactured in China and that they help in saving electricity led to the widespread use.

Another thing that left a deeper impression, building upon my previous experience, was the driving style. Interestingly i was getting quite used to it this time. Though they cut into lanes without warning, make last-minute u-turns when the car from the other side is moving at 60km/h, the cars whose ways are obstructed always manages to brake in time. More surprisingly, they never get pissed. This is in stark contrast to the lack of patience among drivers back home.

This is China. This is China, still.

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