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  • 86OF Lost Parcel

    86OF Lost Parcel

    And so it happened to me, as predicted by myself. My very first parcel that is nowhere to be found in 86OF’s warehouse. You may have ended up reading this post because you had the same fate. What I have to say to you is, don’t panic! Most likely, the parcel will be found. Also, […]

  • Review of 86OF Air Shipping

    Review of 86OF Air Shipping

    Timeliness is sometimes the deciding factor for making a purchase. With the possibility of receiving your goods roughly one week from the time you order from Taobao, there’s no reason to shop from elsewhere. This is made possible with air shipping. There are many options available when it comes to choosing the air shipping forwarder, […]

  • 86OF bulky goods sea freight shipping

    86OF bulky goods sea freight shipping

    It’s been some time since I found time to blog. Meanwhile, I’ve been busy shipping Taobao stuff. Lots of stuff. For home renovation. All in all I shipped more than 2 CBM of goods, with more to come. This would be my third time shipping via 86OF, but only the first time I shipped more […]

  • 86OF revamps website, sort of

    86OF revamps website, sort of

    86OF has launched a revamped website. What they’ve done is basically putting up a company website proper. The current website at www.86of.com showcases the company business and is not aimed at end consumers who want to do parcel forwarding. I wonder what’s the point. The original website with the “Member Centre” for managing parcels is still around […]

  • 86OF second review

    86OF second review

    I have just collected my second round of shipment through 86OF parcel forwarding, and generally speaking, you could say it turned out just fine. Here are some details of note during the course of engagement with 86OF for the shipment. Related posts: Review of 86OF Air Shipping Deciphering 86OF’s website 86OF bulky goods sea freight […]

  • Deciphering 86OF’s website

    Deciphering 86OF’s website

    Owing to Ming’s comments about having to decipher 86OF’s website, I felt I could help some readers out there who may be confused 86OF’s workflow and website. As of now, 86OF’s website is still a mix of English and Chinese, and the terminology they have adopted can be incomprehensible to even novice users of ezbuy. […]

  • Review of 86OF – Ocean freight to Singapore for Taobao and China goods

    Review of 86OF – Ocean freight to Singapore for Taobao and China goods

    I don’t know what is it is with the Chinese, that they love to use numbers in their branding. Ezbuy was 65daigou previously, and they had to undertake a labourious re-branding exercize. Now we have 86OF, also a parcel forwarding company. In case you’re interested, here are some articles that explain why the Chinese love to use numbers […]