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  • Dash – Cashback king till 30 Sep 2019

    Dash – Cashback king till 30 Sep 2019

    Well, I’ve only recently signed up with Dash, the payment platform by Singtel, mostly out of curiosity. I’ve noticed their ads at Food Republic food courts for the longest time, but never felt any urge to give them a try. I did so recently, just to check if they offered any good deals. What do […]

  • 2019 Cashback Credit Card Strategy

    It’s been a long time since i did a check on the ins-and-outs of the world of cashback credit cards. Things have changed tremendously. For the longest time (more than a year), i’ve been relying on the OCBC 365 Credit Card, but they put a stop to the benefit i needed the most from the […]

  • Shopback $1000 milestone

    Shopback $1000 milestone

    It happened so quietly that i almost forgot to blog about it. Well, it took a while (which means i’m not spending so much which is a good thing), but i’ve reached the S$1000 withdrawn cashback milestone! Thank you Shopback! I’m glad Shopback is going strong, and we can continue to reap the benefits of […]

  • Shopback $750 milestone

    Shopback $750 milestone

    I have just collected the cashback for my Hokkaido trip hotel stays, and this propels me past $750 in total cashback earned! If you haven’t been earning cashback for your online purchases, now is a good time to get started. Why wait? –> Sign up link <– Related posts: How to choose the hotel for […]

  • Shopback $500 milestone

    Shopback $500 milestone

    It’s been almost two years since I have used Shopback and I am happy to announce that I have just crossed the S$500 milestone! Most of the cashback were accumulated from hotel bookings. Yes, I travel a lot, but most of us do travel every now and then and there’s no reason why anyone should […]

  • The end of ANZ Optimum Credit Card is in sight

    The end of ANZ Optimum Credit Card is in sight

    Received the mailer as pictured above today. ANZ Retail business taken over by DBS, and that would include the Credit Card business. It can only mean one thing – all ANZ Credit Cards will go. As the saying goes, all good things come to an end. Also, if it looks too good to be true, […]

  • Taobao is back on Shopback

    Taobao is back on Shopback

    For two months probably, Taobao went missing on Shopback. Apparently, they were revamping the mechanism for tracking Taobao purchases through Shopback. Previously, you had to search for the item you wanted to purchase through the search bar in Shopback’s Taobao page. With the new approach that was just introduced, effective 8 Mar 2017, you can […]

  • Visit to Shopback office

    I was invited to visit Shopback’s office today. Anyway, let me clarify that this is not a paid advertisement, although i did get a free lunch on them. I was surprised to find the office housed inside the premise of NUS Enterprise, a start-up incubation space. I was told quite a few of the company […]

  • Save serious money on hotel bookings

    Save serious money on hotel bookings

    I have just received S$166.16 in cashback for the hotel bookings of my recent trip, no kidding! Here’s how i did it. Earn cashback through Shopback. Simple as that. Hotel booking websites take an average of 15% in commission from the hotel/accommodation provider for every booking done through their websites. Yes, that’s an awful lot of money! They’re willing to give […]

  • Why i still use Ebates

    Why i still use Ebates

    There are 3 categories of spending for which Ebates works for me: eBay, US merchants and car rental. For everything else, there is Shopback. Ebates rewards up to 5% for purchases on eBay, which is fantastic. In comparison, Shopback offers only 1% cash back for eBay purchases. The email notification pictured above tells me i have earned US$4.05 […]