Taobao product recommendation – Floor wiggle cleaner

There’s nothing quite like this quaint product. The brand name – 洒哇地卡 (which they abbreviate as SWDK) sounds like the Thai “hello” greeting. A silly brand name if you ask me. But, the product actually works! It cleans the floor by wiggling the attached cleaning pads back and forth. Related posts: Qoo10 product recommendation – […]

Qoo10 product recommendation – EuropAce robotic vacuum cleaner

The Robotic vacuum cleaner has been around for well over a decade by now, and just out of curiosity, i found out that the first Roomba was selling for US$199.95. Since the market for such a product is well established by now, i can finally buy one without breaking the bank. As the title suggests, […]

Taobao product recommendation – Pad mop

Years ago, the spin mop was seen as revolutionary in making it much less tiring to remove dirt from a mop as well as wringing out water. However, it still didn’t make it any easier to actually mop the floor. Only the part of the mop that is pressed against the floor is effective in […]

Qoo10 product recommendation – cordless vacuum cleaner

A cordless vacuum cleaner is only as good as the battery enclosed. The moment the battery dies, you basically have to toss it. For this reason, i don’t really want to buy an expensive cordless vacuum cleaner, and to me, anything above S$100 is expensive. While i buy just about everything from Taobao, i feel […]