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  • Beware of home loan salesperson tactics

    This is the story of my encounter with a dodgy home loan salesperson. I am writing this to expose all the ugly tactics she employs (yes i’ve just intentionally disclosed her gender). In fact, i will expose her name later as i think she deserves to be named and shamed. This is the 3rd home…

  • How to choose a home loan package

    Congratulations! You have already taken the first step by reading this posting! It will probably help if you read some of my other postings too! By landing here, you are probably already thinking that the internet is gong to help you in finding the right home loan package. If you notice, i have a Home…

  • Guess which loan package banks want to sell you

    a. Floating rate package (inclusive of SOR or SIBOR pegged loans) b. Fixed rate package Answer: b Why?